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  1. Hello everyone

    1. Blaziken-lover24


      follow me i gave u the pokemon

  2. Hello could i trade im offering Mewtwo evolution sorry im new so i don't know if its worth it
  3. Hello everyone i was given a Mewtwo Evolution from a friend and i would like to know how much its worth because i want to trade it for a Giratina

  4. Hi everyone im new to this game any tips on how to be good at this game?

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    2. Auke1993


      I'd recommend catching Pokémon in a variety of types. This will help you beat most of the battles in the game.
      I'd also like to recommend the Youtube videos and Twitch streams of Auke1993 (that's me). I make regular Vortex videos and streams, including tutorials.


    3. silverstar2202


      Get your starter to level 100 and start smashing gyms

    4. NightPhantom


      Thanks for the help everone

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