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  1. I killed a shiny reshiram and darkrown 5 years ago. I missed many legendaries 6 years ago
  2. How much for the metallic victini?
  3. DadesBattling Pokemon Emerald GIF by Pokémon

    1. dades


      wtf seeing deoxys approach like that scares me

    2. HyperPanther


      This is my last time I’m staying here

  4. Exactly. But defending aggressively and ignoring what we said made him a simp. Later when he came to know that eeveecuteness is a beggar, he begged us to accept his apology.You should have seen it
  5. Tazzer is ASKING everyone to be kind to her, and what we’re you doing? Defending her aggressively, red and me already saw how much you were defending her before it got deleted
  6. I forgot about his birthday noooo. Happy late birthday patrick Im so sorry
  7. ?????? There’s an event in one month. Are you sure about that?
  8. Check the account ‘Underleveled’

  9. Patrick will definitely say no. But once in a while if this happens I’ll be really happy
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