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  1. what for barbacle griveous, i can give a morpeko hangry and zygarde CORE
  2. Bruh how did you know that matelinski was about to scam bivanblaze13, your probably his alt
  3. So your bday gift is taking hard earned pokes from people and not giving anything back?
  4. Bro can u just go away ur being really dumb right now I mean what's ur problem cuz there has to be something or else ur r being an idiot

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    2. dades


      no point saying the prices, you wouldnt listen and fine, i wont comment on your "shop"

    3. HyperPanther


      Yes I will I learnt my lesseon

    4. HyperPanther
  5. I got 325000 after winning one battle with lvl 6 sigilyph
  6. legendaries are really rare and just be patient
  7. Could you please train my deoxys defense to 2 mill, I can give keldeo resolute and floette(eternal)
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