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  1. dude i know that ..it was my frnd bhargav who helped me can u also help me in being unbanned? this is not rubbish i would appreciate some help please?? dude please i didnt get screenshots cuz he unfrnded me and blocked me so i coudnt even take a screenshot i didnt think of that until vaibhav told me to.... didnt think of that (im dum and now u know it ) dude how was i supposed to know if he is a scammer i am new by a few months over here .... dude i was xp training when i got banned and becuz of me getting banned vaibhavvr7 lost a shiny hoopa unbound ..ask him urself and he is not a scammer .. i have met him and i trust him also .... just help mee if u guys were supposed to choose between scammer and innocent i wish u guys would choose me to get unbanned and scammer to get banned,
  2. hey all as u have heard or might have ...i scammed lonely99 but the truth is i did not scam him and he scammed me . Now u all be like what the hell . is he lying . well im not lying and heres the proof (for all to see and help me be unbanned or for patrick and flamescape to see)-https://docs.google.com/document/d/12IgLHLELQWOevZwIxn4ButVmljXWcJ7F5FCce1UKTqg/edit there now u all can see and the truth can be revealed btwn please go thru the images also as it is important as well . anyone who has seen it please help me .. im so sad that i lost my accnt so please help me and then only i can buy my meloetta promo code when i get online(im a big fan of meloetta ) . so u see yesterday i was about to grind and make 27 mil and buy shadow meloetta i was so excited and then when i tried to log in it showed that i was banned and my heart broke .. not a lie . and guys i would appreciate if u could unban me cuz i did nothing wrong so please help mee
  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/12IgLHLELQWOevZwIxn4ButVmljXWcJ7F5FCce1UKTqg/edit?usp=sharing my proof that im innocent and lonely is a scammer pls read and patrick please look up to it and even same to u flamescape
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