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  1. Hello Vortex Players. A new idea about the battle's. Most of us knows that when you wanna do exp train on more then 1 poke that you prefer to keep going. So slot 1 you wanna train your necrozma and slot 2 you have a mewtwo to train you are done with necrozma but sadly you need to view your team to put mewtwo back to slot 1. (unless you like to click every round mewtwo before clicking battle.) My answer to that is maybe to let the game save the poke your pressing in that battle and as long you're on that page it stays that way, so you did the last battle with Necrozma press on mewtwo and battle, after finish the red block stays on mewtwo. this way you can put 6 pokes in your team and train al 6 in ones without clicking them every round or change their slots.
  2. Thanks guys, but i might wrote it wrong, i meant to be it as an idea to do the same as seasonal for local and global, cause now to see ur global or local rank you need to see it in bot-commands or by searching your own account in members tab, it doesnt show up by view your profile, now ive read this topic i admit it does sound like a question, but is meant to be an idea to put the new seasonal feature also for local and global yes
  3. Hello Duck here. As the title says am i gonna talk about the Unown Avatars. first release - Halloween 2018 second release - april 2019 Unown Avatars isnt been obtainable since 2019 ( besides getting from pokebay) and there are not so much ingame, and many new members joining pv since then till now. So here are 2 category's with a couple ways i was thinking on to have a chance for obtain unown avatars. A. Through the whole year - Mystery box (top tier) - Sidequest (johto region) - Exclusive Auctions B. once a year since unown avatars started as halloween login reward might be a good option to keep it like that, here is a option i was thinking of to obtain unown avatars once a year on halloween. - Catching Unowns having a chance to get unown avatar by catching that exact unown, for a easy fast way it could be count for all 6 variants, for making it much rarer it counts for shadow/shiny unowns only its a event date anyway. these are my thoughts/ideas about this topic but it still feels it isnt complete or good enough, so if you guys/girls have any feedback about this topic that i might not have thought of then drop it in the reactions.
  4. Is it possible too see your own rank (even when your not in top 100) for the other categories like in seasonal. Specially for local and global board
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