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  1. Hi, I will now be taking exp jobs starting today rates are 1:3 to 1:4 depending on the exp amount please reply down below if you would like a job done. Also please add your ign thank you.
  2. @red_wolf_Whats your favorite Pokemon?

    1. red_wolf_



    2. Catan


      Cool Pokemon one of my personal favorites too 

  3. Ign: Catan first giveaway really excited thanks for doing this
  4. Hello, today I was trying to evolve my Shadow Rockruff into Shadow Lycanroc (Dusk) now I know how it worked out in the Sun and Moon shows that it needed to be Sunset or dusk for it to evolve so I was wondering if its there same in this game like if theres a certain time because I waited for an hour at around 7 pm so if anyone is able to reply to this it would be much appreciated thanks.
  5. Hey I'm new to the game any advice it would be much appreciated thanks

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