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  1. Cuz I kept a watch at his profile after he scammed me. I am continously tracing him and giving headsup to everyone I can.
  2. Hey @BIVANBLAZE13. I just saw your posts on on my Scammer Alert Post that how did I know Matelinski is going to scam you. within these posts I have attached some screenshot of me being scammed by him badly. As soon as I got scammed he blocked me so I went to see his profile. He was browsing you, so I messaged not only you but 4 to 5 players who were being watched by him continuously after me getting scammed. Just a heads-up it was. Furthermore i'll give you a whole list who matelinski aliases within the game: 1. Matelinski 2.Matelinska 3. mateoyt 4. Yelty (This one is his most recent shift) I am guessing he has one more where all the traded pokemon are shifted. i can only trace the IGN where the money is being routed
  3. Here is the proof Mateoyt also has another account matelinski and his main account matelinska where he is routing all pds. do take notice @Patrick
  4. @Patrick And this is the main account of Matalinski where he is routing all his pds
  5. @Patrick Here are some more proofs
  6. Here is the proof of my bidding @Patrick
  7. As claimed by him MATEOYT has now a new IGN matelinski from where he's scamming. Kindly take notice as I have also been scammed today
  8. I can't comment on the main thread so that's why I'm posting here. IGN matelinski. This guy scammed me today by selling me his melmetal and after bidding on his auction he just blocked me. He has another account named MATEOYT from where he's transferring his pds. @Patrick if u read this comment I can send u the proof on discord
  9. Auke1993 I have screenshots but cant paste it here
  10. How to upload screenshot?
  11. He agreed on selling his melmetal and after payment blocked me.
  12. yes he is a scammer. i got robbed too. for proof I have screenshot of payment and his convo
  13. scammer alert IGN matelinski Lost a huge sum of PDS. Remain Alert
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