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  1. I guess if you don't remember the account name then you have to remember that email account through which you made that account. You can go to " Forgot Your Username" and retrieve it by entering your email. If you are sure that the starting was "Pokelord" then maybe you can try to search by putting all the digits from 0-99 and see if you retrieve some result. Hope you find that account.
  2. Hello, So as something happened to me many times, I was forced to ask this question. If someone blames me for the things i have not done and keeps messaging me about the same thing, then can i complaint about him? or it is not wrong? Thank You
  3. Lottery is the fastest way to earn money. But it is also the fastest way to loose your money. Immunity pokemons (level 6 ) Sidequests( Selling unique rare pokemons after catching them. Starting a job or something, like catching pokemons for other for pds (finding those pokes will take time). Thank You
  4. ign- ragnar_lothbtok and congrats and thank you.
  5. i am telling you he is a scammer. His original account was MATEOYT. someone else has also complained. now he is scamming with his new account - FAKER_KIILS. He scammed me too. Ban him.
  6. Yes he scammed me too. Now his account is Faker_kiils. ban him. he scammed many people.
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