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  1. The best variant is mystic for doing sidequests because when the enemy is scared and cannot attack, you will get another chance to attack. The best variant for lvl 6 training is dark as it will kill the enemy faster. Dark is not as good for the sidequests as the pokemon will do more damage but will definitely die after a while the mystic can escape death.
  2. If you want a certain pokemon or pokemons, please create your own topic and don’t post anything unrelated to what the person who created the trade topic posted. That means no asking for trades that do not have to do with garchomp for this topic only.
  3. Only if you are receiving the shiny mega audino. The exp also matters
  4. My own experience is that live battles are not very easy to win. Because you do not know what pokemon your opponent is going to choose.
  5. ign shinygmaxpokemon You can post a video on hunting certain pokemon/getting event pokemon
  6. ign shinygmaxpokemon. I’m following you in forums and in the game.
  7. ok. @Pokomaster29 That is NOT how it happened and it could not if you had just looked at the photos.
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