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  1. ign shinygmaxpokemon Favorite food: Local food Clan: Pokemon Master Way
  2. Wintersnight has been bidding on my auctions. (Normal price)(No outrageous bids)(so far)
  3. Hi, have you really regained access to your account?

  4. Your welcome. Chris71 is selling some mega rayquazas if you want to buy.
  5. More photos: https://paste.pics/c118c74488d6e7f2a7beb42fb151579c https://paste.pics/6ecd1efb6269091a3d5c42ef619f5f76 https://paste.pics/1708bc7440aaed89b80f9bf2c8e48ddf https://paste.pics/d33ec62b150c9719b25cb79c84a55581 The most important link: https://paste.pics/3346734aaf165ad561878695fcdb186d And he kept on saying: 150% friday night funkin’ eddsworld mod Then I blocked him.
  6. That guy sent me friend request and said nothing about being in any vortex team. He is banned now
  7. Hi, remember me from the game?

  8. My ign shinygmaxpokemon. During the greninja (ash) event, blabaelbalelbal wanted me to train his greninja to 4 hearts. So, he/she offered his/her greninja on my groudon. I then realised that he was not the OT and could not evolve it into greninja (ash). I repeatedly informed him/her about this and asked him/her to put my groudon on trade. A few days later, he/she replied and said,”I gave it to my friend”. Please help me recover my pokemon. Photos:
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