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  1. lately, when i battle, there would be instances where, when i click on the Attack button, instead of the just the game's loading screen, the whole page loads as if i went to another page or refreshed. while loading, i also saw on the lower right that the page loading is www(.)sigma.pokemon-vortex(.)com. not sure if it meant anything, but i thought i'd add it anyways
  2. i did also say that they're gonna have to contact the Insurgence devs OR make their own, and if they were to come, it might be in the far future
  3. <link removed> these Pokemon in this link are the Delta Pokemon from the fan-made Pokemon game. it could be a good idea to add them, although the devs would have to contact the makers of Pokemon Insurgence or make their own Delta
  4. you're gonna need a more concrete evidence than just telling the mods/devs stories
  5. also, if you want to clear the sidequests fast, you'd need a full team that can learn moves that have at least 130 power, as well as 100% accuracy Electric types on the other hand, is one of those that doesn't have a move with more than 120 power, so if you're gonna use an Electric type, choose one that learns a move with 120 power, hence why they suggested Raichu since it can learn Volt Tackle
  6. Electivire doesn't have a 120 power electric move
  7. pretty sure you're supposed to ignore those since we've been told that mods/devs won't ask us anything
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