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  1. @Anrose Wow Good Prize Thanks anrose for doing Give away
  2. Wow........ THX ayaka mates for the Give away
  3. Gyms Guide link https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Gyms https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Galar_Legendary_Ribbon
  4. wow nice u have alot of rare pkmn in ur trade lets pm in vortex
  5. just be patient to the game and you will catch alot too legendary
  6. sorry first time i know patrick birth day is Sep 4 ohh no.. LATE HAPPY BIRTH DAY SIR PATRICK
  7. First Time i experience this 😆 thx u so much Guys for selfie and bonding exploring the Map #PhBestFriends🤍


    1. red_wolf_


      I remember doing that once rip the server tho I guess I couldn't take that many people in the stop

    2. Dqrk
  8. Thx u so much@red_wolf_ for that Give away More players enjoy that prize soon And Im so appreciate your doing Good luck to all Guys support this Topic guys red wolf doing hard to create this Give away so i hope u appreciate this too.
  9. @TheBrokenMan Thx u so much i appreciate that prize but i cannot accept your prize can u plz keep that pdr for me thx u so much again
  10. Guy's watch and learn 

    can u support this video he is my new Teamates



    And also support🤍



    Youtube channel



    pokechampionpikachu Youtube channel


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    2. JaydenS


      Thanks u so much for that wonderfull Movies🤣

      Me when im watching that Vortex Movies

      English Bulldog Media GIF by AFV Pets

    3. Pokechampionpikachu


      Wow.... That's a nice video

    4. Punz


      Cool just 5minutes  to catch eternatus while mine it took me 1 hour but  It didn’t appear

  11. are u sure about that? shiny Hoopa price is 10-20M pdr and shadow is 5-7M pdr not fair lol
  12. @TheBrokenMan hmm how about create a video catching a zamazenta and zacian... And Btw congrats for ur youtube channel Thx for the Give away
  13. @Dqrk Wow amazing give away
  14. @inteleon GG 1st comment Nice Give away Congrats to all winners soon
  15. No matter what im saying he get the points so sowwy...
  16. @shoomania Can u come in our clan because you doing a Give away so i think u deserve to join in Legend Stars Clan code name Is GIV sounds like a GIVe away lol I like players have a Kindness heart Like U✴
  17. The way to get your luck is to playing hard and be patient to game
  18. @shoomania Thanks for the Give away
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