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  1. I'm afraid that might be on your end. I have 576 pages of pokemon on an account and don't have the issue Are you using a desktop, Laptop or phone?
  2. Couldn't you have edited the opening post and added your IGN there? I didn't see the point in replying to your own thread within 5 minutes
  3. i think this has been said enough, but don't ever ever ever share your PW with anyone. Even if it's your best friend in the world Oh and make sure your password is unique, don't use the same as your IGN or Password1234 or something like that But i'm sorry what happened to you
  4. Isn't this exactly the same as what you accuse him of doing? I mean you don't have any proof either, so maybe both threads should be closed befor this gets out of hand
  5. Like @Ade50 said, you miscalculated.
  6. Ow ok i just asked cause when there's a lot of people on the same map it seems to slow down some. And if all those people would start spamming emotes i'm not sure how that would have affected FPS.
  7. So you merged 2 accounts into one and wanted to share that with someone else? Isn't that illegal?
  8. Wouldn't that slow down the maps even more?
  9. nice give-away, but you missed the opportunity to throw in a SawBUCK for the winner
  10. Unfortunately it seems there's also a lot of reports that have images and that don't tell anything. People seem to think if someone has a pokemon with their OT that the other stole it. I'm not saying that's never the case, but just showing a pokemon with your OT on some else's account doesn't always mean it's stolen. But the basic idea is good imo
  11. i would understand why people would want to change names after let's say 1 year. But i'm not sure if they'll implement it. It might give too many issues
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