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  1. Yes he scammed me for trainign exp for hiny snorlax
  2. Sour pancakes - laven he scammed me and told he will do training for my shiny snorlax but he didnt and now he is telling idk who are you pls help me
  3. Selling meta zygarde complete metallic
  4. Selling zygarde complete metallic
  5. Selling metallic zygarde (complete)

  6. i hv its my fav pok i love it muaaaaaaa
  7. Click the pokeball icon on top of chatting corner

    It will be in yellow colour

    type ur favrte pokemon name

    and enter

  8. i hv its my fav pok i love it muaaaaaaa
  9. Arceus forms i love it like and specially shadow and shiny
  10. pls tell me so that i could do exact tht only
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