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  1. the last video answer is lugia. ign:1gladion
  2. very unlike but might be truth, u dont have evidence lol.
  3. u can actually change ur team in the map before u click battle. after u change the team u come back to the world it will be still there.
  4. i have shiny zamezenta is it ok. FOR
  5. pure luck, once i entered the bush and saw a buzzwole. i didnt know about how to catch ultra beast until now that u should catch it with a beast ball or a vortex ball. and i missed it then the second time i saw a dark necrozma and tried to catch it with all my master balls but defeated my team. lol. anyways for catching a legendary u have to have a level 20 strong against pokemon and two level 50 weakness pkmon. neaxt time try it and if ur trying to it with ultra ball makke sure its hp is below 100.
  6. hello a weird thing happened too me today. when i checked the specials pokedex furfrou all the forms were there. then afterwards when i was going to decide wht i should get, furfrou (star) dissappeared from the speciaal pokedex. 😉. is this only for me or u guys too.

    1. shoomania


      only for you

  7. i hope there will be a event in which party form of munchlax will come. and happy birthday king patrickto
  8. k but i didnt mean to take it as insulting
  9. no probs, let eeveecuteness miss it. we can get it this week and thx for ur giveaway hope i get a prize!
  10. we will wait a month eeveecuteness must go to hospital to get patience.
  11. IGN:1gladion so sad i lost a shiny arceus fairy. Anyways, can u please tell how many prices are there totally? Hmm............ and thx for this wonnnnnderrrrrfulll giveaway!!! I hope that i get--
  12. Friend me in game to get your alolan geodude
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