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  1. I am a very old player of pokemon vortex but why can't I use legacy maps option in option menu there is no option named legacy maps so what to do can anyone help?
  2. I am also in seasonal top but wth 1st has more than 30k points bro it's just impossible for me to reach their.
  3. You can make a team with combination of dark type pokemon with OHKO moves and STAB advantage.
  4. I have a question is their any trick to catch legendary or ultra beasts fast like when I am searching for necrozma it took me around a week but it didn't spawn but when I logged out and in again I got it just in a few steps. Is it coz of some trick or a coincidence.
  5. Yeah I do recommend same as prismatic laser, eternabeam, fling, blastburn are OHKO moves and will increase efficiency too much to complete side quests super fast.
  6. When I was searching for rayquaza I got two kartana one of metallic variant and other of shadow variant level 80 but my bad I don't have beast balls and also forgot to take screenshot. But I caught shiny rayquaza you can check it in my team I'd vansh123456. Edit: when I had a beastball and I was searching for necrozma it took around one week to catch one which is also in my team. I like necrozma and eternatus as they both can Ohko maximum pokemons with their moves prismatic laser and eternabeam respectively.
  7. I don't remember the last pokemon caught But let me discuss an incident yesterday when I was searching rayquaza I got metallic kartana in just few steps when, I don't have beastball and after few steps I got another kartana of shadow variant level 80 like wth and when I had a beast ball and I was searching for necrozma I got it in around a week!! But luckily I got shiny rayquaza.
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