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  1. I have some of this pokemon like. Volcanion, deoxys defence, mystic metallic normal greninja ash, hoopa unbound.
  2. Shiny Archeops (fossil pokemon) of 1m exp for Shiny giratina origin..
  3. Thanks @Glazio for 2m pds and metallic litten.
  4. Ign - marri10 Nice giveaway
  5. I have a shiny hoopa,shiny Archeops fossil pokemon 1m exp and hoopa unbound for trade just tell what I can get from these pokemon?
  6. I know from the beginning that he is a scammer.. Because he scamed my friend Hemantdehiya account.. I just wanted to see what he tries to get password of others account (I was collecting some proof to make report) and that's the reason I fill that form with with my alternate account... He is big lier also after he got caught scaming he started making story's that his own account has been hacked (that was kinda funny). Then he tells me that he and akul both together do scaming but this was totally wrong. All this was his story...
  7. Hey everyone... LF - Metallic necrozma Offering 1 thing - 6m pds. Arceus rock of 1 m experience+1m pds My ign marri10 check and tell what u want....
  8. Want your Shadow Mewtwo armor. Offering arceus fairy and shiny darkrai
  9. My ign - marri10 . Hope I win stakataka. Have a nice day kingkong
  10. Ign - marri10 Nice giveaway hope I win..
  11. He (lonely99) said me that he will make my account premium in free. And then he send me a link when I click on that it's show a form where it is asking a username and password. And then I write my alternate account username and password.. and gusse what that account password change. But when he understands that this was not my personal account so he keep asking me password... So please ban lonely99 because in future he can hack more account.. https://ibb.co/G7yZD5W. https://ibb.co/37vKJNT https://ibb.co/202WgvH
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