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  1. If you dont know what it was dont reply to this someone else who knows will actually help
  2. It means he linked his account with discord its not suspicious at all
  3. Pikachu and Eevee both of them are quite overated honestly. When you think about it Pikachu and Eevee have their own game and Pikachu can somehow defeat powerful pokemon such as Tapu Koko, how? But personally I like Lycanroc
  4. Im 108 in seasonals woo woo

  5. what do clans do?

    1. Auke1993


      Once you have completed all gyms, elite 4's, champions, battle frontiers and battle maison, you will be able to create your own clan. Of course if you want to get stuck in right from the start, you can join other peoples clan as soon as you create your account without the need to complete all of the gyms.

      Clans have their own battle function where you will be assigned a random player of another clan to battle, once you have completed that battle you will be able to battle your next opponent. These wins are all added up between every member of the clan to make your clans total battle count which will help put you up on that Clans leaderboard.

      The clans leaderboard is similar to the top trainers one but the points for clans is based on total experience of everyone in the clan, total wins and how many members are in it.

      There are many updates in the works still yet to come for this new section of the game.

  6. hi!

    1. Glazio


      Hellow welcome in forums 😁


    2. zaoi


      thank you :D 

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