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  1. Don't worry my job before leaving to tell the truth and give person trust who really deserves it
  2. He's totally trutful he evolved mine also don't worry
  3. Leaving the game tomorrow!!

    #bye to everyone and bye to Patrick

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    2. Punz
    3. Fluffyz


      Why you are leaving?

    4. Captaincam1


      Don't agree with what you said about Mimikyu, but it was nice knowing you consider coming back if you have spare time but if not best of luck

  4. Ign: pokomaster29 first time I am the first to join
  5. If red takes you in then you should be ready to win another premium Pokemon because you are so lucky
  6. Bro entries are closed but I request to red to let him participate
  7. Yeah actually I also saw an blacephalon and a nihilego very very easily but on that time I didn't had beast balls and when I got them it's the day I haven't even saw an ultra beast lol
  8. Lol me and my brother caught 7 groudon in 15 mins just lol
  9. Guys pls dont try to roast him if you guys are thinking to do so he's new here . But Lemme tell you bro that Ni one will take this cuz these are very common sort of Pokemon doesn't matter shiny or what . So if you wanna get some offers then get some dark , shadow or most likely shiny rares or legies . Rares like ÷ eevee, especially shiny eevee . And shiny starters like sobble, scorbunny, chimchar, charmender, squirtle, chespin, treeko, torchic, mudkip, bulbasaur and so on And legies like ÷ latias , latios , rayquaza , groudon , kyogre , zacian , zamazenta , eternatus , and so on .
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