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  1. So, you were mentioning that you had a dark umbreon that you would sell for 600k? I said I'll get back to you when I have enough. Do you still want to trade?
  2. Looking for any variation of will pay 600k
  3. I have 600k now. Do you still have the dark umbreon?
  4. Ingame money or any variant of Umbreon
  5. I have 2 pokemon that I don't want Metallic Tornadus and Dark Tornadus. Please make offers
  6. How much would It cost If I want you to evolve my eevee into an umbreon? I can provide the Eevee. Thanks!
  7. Would you be able to evolve my Eevee into an Umbreon? How much will it cost? I'll be able to provide you the Eevee
  8. Ah ok, that's a lot, I'll check back when I have that amount. Thanks
  9. I want umbreonumbreonPlease send pm if you have

    IGN: Mewpa

  10. Yes, I currently have about 47,000 in-game currency. I can pay with that. If it's not enough I'll try to get some more. I'll probably be able to pay more than 100,000 tomorrow. How much do you want for the Umbreon?
  11. Ah ok, sorry, thanks for letting me know, I'll edit the post and correct it.
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