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  1. What’s your ign so I can see which leggies you have first?
  2. Also I forgot to mention that shiny giratina (origin) is the Pokémon I really want, so if you offer it for my shiny hoopa, I will accept with no hesitation. Just wanted to put it out there lol. With that said, I don’t expect a lot of people with shiny giratina (origin) willing to trade, so I will still accept the best offer as long as I like it. I’m going offline now but I will look at the offers and check this thread when I have time. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!
  3. The only one I’m interested in your box is your mewtwo . I can trade my shiny hoopa for it if you’re willing to but if not, it’s cool too
  4. Sorry I already have all hoopa variants so I don’t really need any more
  5. I have a shiny and shadow hoopa up for trade!! Send me good offers! IGN: lrdpain222
  6. I have a shiny hoopa up for trade. I’m looking for a shiny giratina (Origin) or something of the same value. ign: lrdpain222
  7. I have a shiny hoopa up for trade! My ign is lrdpain222
  8. I have a shiny hoopa up for trade! Offer me if you’re interested and I’ll see if I’m down to trade! ign:lrdpain222
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