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  1. Looking for Mega Tyranitar, willing to trade Mega Rayquaza and a Reshiram for it. IGN: Seelkadoom
  2. Thanks for the trade. I could probably use the quote-unquote “useless Pokémon” for… something.
  3. Guys, I’m just here to trade. Stop the disputes and play the game.
  4. Put up a level 100 Kyogre, a level 100 Kyurem, and a level 69 Metallic Heatran. IGN: Seelkadoom
  5. Imagine finding a Shiny Dark Rayquaza in the wild. Combination variants would be a cool new addition. Agree or disagree?
  6. Oh. Well, no, I don’t want a Weavile because I have Kyurem (sadly, I don’t have a DNA Splicer to make it stronger) and the forum owner probably has the same answer about the Necrozma.
  7. Rn, I’m trying to find a Treecko so I can get Mega Sceptile, and the first of the Tyranitar evolution line.
  8. I already have one, forgot to edit. I also have a Dialga and a Palkia that I got this morning.
  9. Rn, I’m just trying to find a Palkia, a Diagla, a Giratina, and whatever else I can find in the Wild Overgrowth area and vicinity. Edit: Already found the Palkia.
  10. I don’t have a Vortex Ball or Beast Ball, and the auction prices on them are atrocious. I already have a Kyurem, so I don’t really need it.
  11. Looking for Giratina IGN: Seelkadoom
  12. That’s an old post and I already have one.
  13. And quite frankly, I would let them have my Level 100 Dark Arceus.
  14. They are both Mega Rayquazas. I will also trade my level 100 Hoopa.
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