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  1. @Khajari1510 hey mate, I want 3 of my pokemon to be trained 3 hearts, i can pay with pd or with pokemon listed in the thread:
  2. new pokemon have been added to the haul and the thread is still active
  3. 200k x4, plus jirachi 1.5 = 2.3m, but as you take 5 can give all for 2m
  4. @Dqrk I am not selling an orb, i am looking for one
  5. @Dqrk Which pokemon do you want for it?
  6. 3x2x 3x2x 2x2x 3x2x2x Selling all these mons. Looking for only PDs, a blue orb or event tickets. Making discounts in case of mass buyings.
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