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  1. misty_lax

    Answered Where Is Ash-Greninja?

    Ash-Greninja probably will not make it in the game. I happened to ask the same question on discord and Patrick said that it wont be added or maybe if he change his mind. If it will not be added, it will be the only real Pokemon in main game that is not added to this game.
  2. misty_lax

    Answered Messages

    This is to avoid spam. Why cant you just wait for a minute?
  3. How about adding more filter for Pokemon search when viewing all Pokemon or changing teams? Like filter for all Pokemon that are not level 100 or filter for Dark type Pokemons only?
  4. misty_lax

    Idea looks

    1st edition are Pokemon released in their 1st release. 2nd in their second release, and so forth... For example, Zygarde Forms. Zygarde was first release by catching Cells and Cores in the wild at caves. Zygardes caught in there are 1st edition. Then, Zygarde forms are re-released in another same event. This time, you can catch zygarde cells and cores in grass maps. All combined Zygarde in the 2nd event regardless if the material used in combining (e.g. Zygarde Partial 1st edition to create a Zygarde complete in 2nd release) will become 2nd edition. Lastly, Zygardes are released once again in Mystery Box. All Zygarde from Mystery Box are 3rd edition Zygardes. There is really no difference except that 3rd edition are all in Cherish Ball. 1st and 2nd can be in any ball.
  5. That seems to be not the case here. Did you look at the profile of the user TC was reporting? The user's average should be less than 50k.
  6. misty_lax

    Idea rename

    The Main Pokemon games dont allow nicknames on Pokemon that you are not the OT. I guess the inspiration for the rules of nickname applies here as well.
  7. misty_lax

    Christmas Hatchathon


    Thank you for the event! I hatched a and a couple of normal ones.
  8. misty_lax

    Christmas Hatchathon


    It is impossible right now. Evolving ended on December 26.
  9. misty_lax

    Uniques Completing Alolan Dex

    Hi bro. I have the following spare Pokemon: Dark Rattata (Alolan) Dark Palossand Mystic Grubbin Mystic Meowth (Alolan) Shiny Sandygast You can have them for free. I offered them on the Shadow Pidgey
  10. misty_lax

    Universal [Closed] Espoor's Rare Pokemon Shop! [Closed]

    Hello! How much in value are you trading for your Dark Jedi?
  11. misty_lax

    Universal New xp shop (negotiable)

    Hello sorry but please dont offer on my Dark Eevee. Offer on normal Heracross
  12. misty_lax

    Universal New xp shop (negotiable)

    Hello! I wanted to back out of my offer. Its been days and there is no movement of EXP or Pokemon on your account and you still have to train 15 million before my Pokemon. Sorry for the trouble. Kindly re-offer my Dark Lugia at the Heracross up for trade. Thank You!
  13. misty_lax

    Answered Is there a way to exchange money for pokemon

    There is no other way. The only way to transfer money is through auction
  14. misty_lax

    Giveaway misty_lax Christmas Giveaway

    Offered on all. For the other winners, you have until New Year to claim your prizes.