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  1. misty_lax

    Uniques misty_lax Trades v3

    I would only be interested in the Metallic Spewpa. If you want offers, I'll offer a Level 100 + a Level 44
  2. misty_lax

    Giveaway Volcanion Promo Code Giveaway

    IGN: misty_lax One time when I was walking at the street, a poor kid approach me and asking me for money. Instead of giving him money, I bought him some bread. Better to give food than money I told myself.
  3. misty_lax

    Uniques misty_lax Trades v3

    I would be interested on the Spewpa. You looking anything for that?
  4. misty_lax

    Uniques misty_lax Trades v3

    Hello! Sorry but Im not interested in those.
  5. misty_lax

    Experience Demon Biggest Xp shop

    w/425k EXP w/170k EXP For 2.5 Million EXP?
  6. misty_lax

    Experience Demon Biggest Xp shop

    Hi! Do you do training jobs for those under your Looking For?
  7. misty_lax

    General Theoretical Shadow buffs?

    The Shadow variant is immune only to status effects which is barely even used making it the useless of all unique variants. Giving it immunity to Mystic's scare will buff it a little. I think this is what TC wanted. This buff is useful for those who wanted to get over Mystic enemies (especially with the Last AZ Floette event, we can use Shadow to get over Mystic's scare)
  8. misty_lax

    Answered Seasons

    You will get into Seasonal Rankings by catching and evolving more and more unique Pokemon. The more Pokémon you catch and evolve, the more you points you will get and more possibility to be on the leaderboard. Seasonal Rankings reset every month and the winners of Seasonal Ranking (Top 6-100) will receive a random Porygon Form. The Top 1-5 will receive unique Porygon Forms. This question has been asked several times already and I suggest to look at the answered questions before asking a question next time.
  9. misty_lax

    Battle of Eternity


    Floette Eternal! Yay! Released first here than in the main game.
  10. misty_lax

    Giveaway Giveaway

    IGN: misty_lax Snorlax is the best and is always the best
  11. misty_lax

    Universal The 'Nuke Shop: Legends and Shinies for Trade!

    Hello! Its me again. My and for your , ,, and ? Oh and is there a specific Legendary you wanted? I am interested in and
  12. misty_lax

    Uniques misty_lax Trades v3

    Sorry just traded the Shiny Tapu Fini just minutes ago..
  13. misty_lax

    Uniques misty_lax Trades v3

    Already have a Metallic Kartana
  14. misty_lax

    Report Someone took my account

    How about the email address? The user that gave away his account can easily request for a Forgot Password and know the new password if he/she has access to the email address associated to that account even if you change the password. Maybe the user planned to scam you by waiting for you to transfer stuffs into that account. You should never accept accounts that are given to you...
  15. misty_lax

    Uniques misty_lax Trades v3

    Sorry I'll pass Have one of those already