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  1. misty_lax

    Contest Most damage dealt wins

    https://imgur.com/a/kPwRAFl + Poison Damage. Dont know if that will count haha
  2. misty_lax

    Report Someone scammed me and stole my pokemons

    How did the scammer get into your account? Did you gave away your password? You should never gave your password to anyone..
  3. misty_lax

    Run, Therian, run!


    Wow thats nice! Thank you for this Patrick!
  4. That is not a bug. You are missing the 4th Unova Gym Badge. Go and fight Elesa.
  5. misty_lax

    General Pokemon Vortex Memories

    I posted this one on facebook so it is easy to find. Hahaha. I think that was the only screenshot I have. I also have some Snorlax during v2 but since they are pretty common I dont screenshot getting those. Hahahahaha My mobile that time doesnt have a browser. I played on mobile site to get a chance to get Dratinire. Hahaha
  6. misty_lax

    General Pokemon Vortex Memories

    My favorite memory was catching a Shiny Victini in v2. It was one of my favorite Pokemon (right now I like Dark Victini better since I am now a Dark collector) I still have the picture of it catching in mobile version
  7. misty_lax

    Answered Need some money, money, money

    They are already level 100. You will not get the same amount. Go catch more Level 6 immunity Pokemons. Other ways of getting more moneys include catching popular Pokemons and selling them (Unique Scatterbugs, Starters, Legendaries), selling Cosmogs from quizzes or selling bought Mystery Boxes/Prizes. You can also try sidequest, and if you are lucky, might get a very rare fossil.
  8. misty_lax

    Uniques misty_lax Trades v3

    Thanks bro. I'll PM you if there is something I really need
  9. misty_lax

    Uniques misty_lax Trades v3

    Bumping. I will be updating my list later..
  10. misty_lax

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    Been a player since V2. Enjoying it since the day I played because I am a huge fan of Pokemon Crater. I did end up on hiatus since ng 12 Million EXP Snorlax I trained was back to 50k but Im back enjoying the game once again. Congrats on 10 years and more to come!
  11. misty_lax

    General V3 lovers

    I miss V2 too. The fossils are easy to get.... I like a lot of fossil Pokemon. I still have the screenshot of me catching a Shiny Victini on mobile version...
  12. misty_lax

    Answered Where Is Ash-Greninja?

    Ash-Greninja probably will not make it in the game. I happened to ask the same question on discord and Patrick said that it wont be added or maybe if he change his mind. If it will not be added, it will be the only real Pokemon in main game that is not added to this game.
  13. misty_lax

    Answered Messages

    This is to avoid spam. Why cant you just wait for a minute?
  14. How about adding more filter for Pokemon search when viewing all Pokemon or changing teams? Like filter for all Pokemon that are not level 100 or filter for Dark type Pokemons only?
  15. misty_lax

    Idea looks

    1st edition are Pokemon released in their 1st release. 2nd in their second release, and so forth... For example, Zygarde Forms. Zygarde was first release by catching Cells and Cores in the wild at caves. Zygardes caught in there are 1st edition. Then, Zygarde forms are re-released in another same event. This time, you can catch zygarde cells and cores in grass maps. All combined Zygarde in the 2nd event regardless if the material used in combining (e.g. Zygarde Partial 1st edition to create a Zygarde complete in 2nd release) will become 2nd edition. Lastly, Zygardes are released once again in Mystery Box. All Zygarde from Mystery Box are 3rd edition Zygardes. There is really no difference except that 3rd edition are all in Cherish Ball. 1st and 2nd can be in any ball.