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  1. I bought a rayquaza and planning to mega evolve it but idk where to buy moves, can somebody help?
  2. What Pokémon is that? I can’t see
  3. Avix

    Answered Necrozma

    Wished I knew this earlier
  4. Avix

    Answered Necrozma

    A necrozma appeared in the map and I couldn’t catch it with2master balls why?
  5. Avix

    Answered Pokebay

    But I didn’t get any money back
  6. Avix

    Answered Pokebay

    Uh i have another problem, i bought 2 darkais on pokebay and i was the only bidder, but the thing is I didn’t get the darkais even though i spent the money already…
  7. Avix

    Answered Block

    Hi. I accidentally blocked someone on the member list and now i cannot unblock, can somebody help please.
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