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  1. I have a skull fossil and old amber , what're u willing to offer for it?
  2. ign-pokeaction1 A bit late but hopefully i get something too
  3. The idea seems dull and adding a brand new legendary with "special vortex" is different than making variations based on existing legendaries + could possibly ruin the game for a good number of people. Certainly not something I would look forward to. Instead there are so many pokes which already exist and are way more interesting ( will come in vortex eventually ) such as the crowned forms of zacian-zamazenta , g-max and urshifu. So even if the eevee and vortex legendary pokemon is accepted, I believe its priority should come way below all the existing pokemon which arent in vortex YET.
  4. anyone who wants to give free pokemon @pokeaction1 this is the place ur supposed to give em. Have a good day
  5. ign-pokeaction1 Thanks for the giveaway hopefully entering within 10 mins = more luck
  6. U cant give the original name of another pokemon as the nickname of a different pokemon I guess
  7. Thanks a ton for evolving my diancie for free!
  8. ign-pokeaction1 Thanks for the giveaway
  9. k so zacian+100k for the mega rayq
  10. nope i even ended the arguement ryt there but idk why tritre had to become the "knight in shining armor" and instigate a reply.
  11. It was certainly not sarcasm or a joke, its quite clear by how pokechan wrote the sentence.
  12. Im not even gonna try and explain, you're a lost cause.
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