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  1. Hello and welcome to the Artic Eevees clan!!!! I'm eevee aka skyla. Artic Eevees at it's core, is a friendly and welcoming environment. There are no requirements to join. Just shoot me a message on here, in game or privately in the discord chat if you wish to join. As well if you have any questions regarding the clan you can reach me on here, in game, or on chat as I have stated above. Welcome to AE and please enjoy your stay. Remember to dress warm cause it's cold out there eh!
  2. Excuse me i have falling and can't get up

    1. Uncle_Psychic


      Its always hard when you're falling down and its a long way up when you hit the ground 

    2. iZeus


      Someone got so offended they had to delete my reply? :) 

  3. Ign: EeveeMaster5 fave poke: ariados thnx for the giveaway eh
  4. Revenge is best served at the world juniors eh ;)  Canada 5-0 Finland

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    2. CadderIy


      Good it was just a training match. Although the team really is worse than last year

    3. EeveeMaster5


      tbh its not a bad team but the goaltender was bad plus we have a good team this year.

    4. Abbas
  5. Everyone on vortex has the right to enter a giveaway, I understand that it is frustrating for active users, that tons of people are making forum accounts, just to enter the giveaway. With that being said having a # of posts requirement is not going to benefit the general public. There are many people who don't use the forums and they still deserve to participate in giveaways, and having to get a certain number of posts is going to induce spamming. I understand where you are coming from but I'm sure there is a more friendly beneficial way to solve the problem.
  6. IGN: EeveeMaster5 Fav sun and moon poke: Araquanid Pickup Line: roses are red, violets are blue, this joke is so overrated, so how about a dinner for two? thnx for the giveaway eh!!!
  7. EeveeMaster5 thnx for the giveaway eh!!!!!
  8. ign: EeveeMaster5 thnx for the giveaway eh!!
  9. Happy Birthday Gurl!!!!!!!!!! <3

  10. ign: EeveeMaster5 number: 50 Fav Youtuber: Markiplier aka markimoo Meme: thnx for the giveaway eh
  11. Blue Jays sweep the Texas Rangers and win the ALDS!!! Congratz to the JAYS and thnx for giving us a good thanksgiving present :) <3

    1. GodsWithin



    2. Abbas
  12. IGN: EeveeMaster5 Fav Pokemon: Ariados Joke: Why did the sun go to school? Answer: to get brighter lolololol Fav Song: baby, baby, baby, oh Do You Watch Football?: no i do not #Hockeyisloveandlyfe thnx for the giveaway eh
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