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  1. no more, sorry ign: shadowconspiracy
  2. Looking for these Ultra Beasts :BeastBall:

    Dark/Shadow/Shiny Blacephalon
    Dark/Mystic/Shadow/Shiny Poipole
    Dark/Metallic/Mystic/Shadow/Shiny Naganadel
    Shiny Stakataka


    Send me a message.

    IGN: ShadowConspiracy

    1. rotoms5


      Pika set is completed na. Why did u post that then?

    2. porymon


      Bro event when

    3. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      @rotoms5 Just wanted to flex it I guess.

      @porymon event soon.

  3. Yes, it's a good idea lmao, go and hunt these for me please. Will pay them asap. Thanks. Dark NecrozmaDark/Shadow/Shiny BlacephalonDark/Metallic/Mystic/Shadow/Shiny PoipoleDark/Metallic/Mystic/Shadow/Shiny NaganadelMetallic/Shiny Stakataka
  4. There's a difference in how to get the two pokemon, the rarity doesn't really matter. You can only score an Arceus (Unknown) if you've helped developed sprites for the game, or basically help with the game development or win them in the lottery, those are the only ways to get them as far as I know, wherein, Furfrou (Star) is the rarest Furfrou form because Patrick may have perhaps decided it to be the rarest as it is the most bad-ass looking Furfrou form as everyone sees it to be and the only way to get it is exclusively through the auctions, which really depends on a good timing.
  5. I believe there's already one since most other forms will be an event in the future, as of now, there is and it's different variants.
  6. I hate the fact that Alcreamie has more than 20 forms and this is gonna be a pain in the arse mates.

  7. There's kind of an auction helper if you've got a Discord account and you are in Pokemon Vortex's Discord Channel. I'll tell you more but you must have a Discord account for the next step.
  8. Looking for these missing pokemon. Offering pd. Send me a message.



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