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  1. Nutella Navigator

    Idea New Idea for Discord Vortex bot commands!

    Guessing the promo code? All in an hour? I don't think so...
  2. Nutella Navigator

    Idea New Avatars

    That wouldn't really be necessary. Shiny avatars are only for legendaries.
  3. Nutella Navigator

    Error Mixed Color in Dex

    Is it just me or this part of the pokedex is in the wrong order? From the first look, I know everyone will notice the error. The background for Bibarel is for a psychic-normal type pokemon. It should be gray followed by a blue hue. Coz it's a normal-water type pokemon.
  4. Nutella Navigator

    Contest Pory's Promo Code Contest

  5. Nutella Navigator

    Idea Adding a favorite filter

    This is the better explanation. Now I quite understand it. But anyways, since it's a favorite pokemon, assuming there are only a few. You don't need to have a favorite filter in-game. You should have the pokemon's name memorized and just search it. Well I don't know about you, you might have 500+ favorite pokemons.
  6. Nutella Navigator

    Idea Adding a favorite filter

    What exactly does 'add to favorites' have anything to do with viewing all your pokemon? I'm quite confused.
  7. Nutella Navigator

    Bug Searching by '0' in pokebay

    I think what he's saying is when you type just '0' in the search field in Pokebay Auctions, it's the same as clicking the 'browse auctions' showing up all the auctions that are nearesr to end, but when you type '(0)' in the field, the variants of Unown (0) appear, same thing happens for Unown (1). Also, @Patrick why am I on purple?
  8. Nutella Navigator

    Genesect Genesis v2


  9. Nutella Navigator

    Idea Sort pokemon by ID

    I up this idea Smarty Sir
  10. Nutella Navigator

    Event Giveaway

    You're a shadow collector yet why giveaway one fo the rarest therian formes? Anw, lemme in! IGN: ShadowConspiracy Thanks!
  11. Nutella Navigator

    General No more boring training :p

    I time myself, like in a minute you can complete 3 full battles using a lvl 100 pokemon against a training account. I have random music from Spotify playing and in 15 minutes straight and continous training I check how much exp I have gained on my pokemon.
  12. Nutella Navigator

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Hi. Hehe. It's been awhile. I already have them bro, thanks anyways! Appreciate it!
  13. So, it came to my attention these variants of & are too rare to get your hands on one and only 3 unique variants are claimed each month. Rare, eh? So, the idea is why not make a unique random form of these Pory's an achievement unlocked prize for completing a certain dex variant (i. e. Completing the Shadow Obtainable/Unobtainable Dex of the Current Dex, or to put it short, Shadow Dex, regardless of event or non-event ones.) So the idea is, completing a certain variant dex assures you a unique random form of this Pory's.
  14. Nutella Navigator

    Universal Level up/Exp farm

    Surely, I would like you to train my please. Where do I offer?
  15. Nutella Navigator

    Universal Level up/Exp farm

    How much exp would you train for a ?