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    1. Hardieboi


      I dont have any of them

  2. Reached 6,804 uniques! 

    Therefore, giveaway time! Giving away all my normal non-legendary pokemons that are in my trades, this includes all mega and starters. Don't ask anymore questions. Just offer and I'll accept, max of 2 pokemons per user. IGN: ShadowConspiracy

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    2. tazzer


      Same question as @red_wolf_'s

    3. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      no events don't count, sorry i didn't mentioned before

    4. tazzer


      Ok thanks i have offered on two of your non legendary pokemons as you have said that maximum pokemon per user so please accept them

  3. And so I shared an idea with Pat before, we can soon expect "OT" and "Non-OT" filters when viewing all pokemon. To top it off with another fancy idea, I think there should be a distinguishing mark when viewing the pokedex without clicking on that specific pokemon (because it's takes so much time) that tells us if we're the OT of that pokemon or not. Suggestions coming into mind since v5's release that catching specific pokemon in the maps are a lot way easier now than before. Thanks!
  4. If I'm not mistaken I already had this suggested some 2 years ago. There's no other way but to count manually and hope you counted good because if not, it's back to zero. A pen and paper can come in handy.
  5. Like what are you looking for it? I'll definitely take my missing map obtainables for those or some pokedollars instead.
  6. I didn't see anything of my interest. Are you trading the shadow crobatween tho?
  7. Recently just had the time to update my trading thread, please do check it out for your needs:


  8. Double exp is a really good time to level up immunes and as a dex collector, and I realized it's so much work clicking several times going back to where you left when you filter your pokemons by order of lowest experience when viewing all your pokemons. So how about from the first page when viewing all your pokemons, there should be a "jump to page number" option in the future added?
  9. LF these starters: (or the pre-evolution; i will evolve it myself)
    Inteleon: shadow, shiny
    Thwackey: shadow
    Raboot: shiny
    Drizzile: shadow, shiny
    Sobble: shadow, shiny

  10. As a pokedex collector, I find clicking on the button "more stats" under View/Edit Your Profile tab, you will be able to see a variant breakdown in ratio by percentage, an OT breakdown, level ranges, type breakdown and even a gender breakdown! Now how cool would that be!? Now, as a pokedex collector, the next best thing I'd wanna see is a pokeball breakdown within the "more stats" page whether which pokeball was used to catch a certain pokemon. But then again, this is still a suggestion. Thanks for having the time to read this suggestion of mine. Man it's so good to be back in the game, been active for the whole month 10-12 a day.
  11. It's funny how a post on the Community Trading Thread I made way back in 2016 still gets quoted for and asking for the trade. Like hellooooooooo, t'was way back in 2016 🤭

  12. Bro this was posted so many years ago, I don;t have these anymore :c
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