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  1. Universal

    What do you mean? Will you clear up things for me? Having a hard time understanding what you just said lmao
  2. Guys, please check out my updated trade thread. You may have some of the uniques I'm looking for in my wishlist. I'm willing to pay for what you have ::3:


  3. Budew

    1. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      What am I supposed to do with this Budew? Can I eat it? 

  4. Universal

    I have this one
  5. Giveaway

    Number: 24 IGN: ShadowConspiracy Here's something for you. And some other Wartortle related art you might like to help you sleep on getting too much excited with school bc it's like you've got months left before school starts and I'm already seeking summer.
  6. Uniques

    Okay, but please do check my trades for anything you like. IGN is ShadowConspiracy I'll be back as soon as possible, bye!
  7. Uniques

    It's banned. But I got it from trading. OT is crazypoke
  8. Uniques

    How many points will my get me? I have a very long list. Here it is.
  9. Classes will be starting tomorrow, so I'll be less active, these past two months again with the game was a blast, but I'll still be online from time to time. And oh, I've only got a year left before I leave college and I'll be working soon. It's been one heck of a ride, and down to 4,844 in my dex completion, next time I go again will be Christmas break, wherein I hope v4 will be ready :ph34r: and there will a lot more work with the dex with the Generation 7 update. Farewell for now fellas. ::3:

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    2. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      Hahaha! Anyways, it's still sad to not see you around. But uh, can you do me some uniques from my wishlist if you're not that busy? 

    3. seth1129400


      haha nute i dont play anymore :P i wish i could have done that :D 

    4. Nutella Navigator
  10. General

    Here's mine, fellas!
  11. Daaang! Tsss. Trust no one. Ever happened to that? :=S:

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    2. seth1129400


      and @Sneezeball seaways accounts were not mine , XGantzx made those accounts during togepi halloween event and gave us normal togepi halloween to get from those accounts. when xgantz got banned i used seaways1-10 for vivillons . all the rest passwords were changed. seaways19-24 r not banned because no vaders were claimed from those except 1 or 2 and they r vivillon making accounts 


    3. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      Uh.... Well @Sneezeball said there was your ip address. Why would he lie?

    4. fodnbilal


      Everyone's with Seth.

  12. Discussion

    Long term: Complete the dex through trading. Short term: Finish the sidequests for the second time around. That's for now, I guess?
  13. Idea

    I bet it's only going to delay v4. You exactly get my point. Thumbs up! Hmm, sounds fine There's not going to be one. They said. Lol.
  14. Idea

    Kind of amazed with the Primal Pokemon Status, you get to see if your primal is/was glitched or not. But here's the thing, I was in my bed awhile ago, and it came to my mind. What if there was also a botted exp'ed pokemon checker? Here's how my idea goes. 1.) A topic/thread provided for those who want to check if an exp'ed pokemon is botted or not. 2.) An admin doesn't have to do this, even a mod can. Patrick creates a tool for the checking, then is distributed to mods for their use. 3.) Then from the said thread, members can post asking to see if the exp'ed pokemon is botted or not, provided the Pokemon's ID No. of course. 4.) And, after the mod checks if the exp'ed pokemon is botted or not, he/she replies to the person in the said thread, saying if the said pokemon is botted or not. Simple as that. (P.S. This idea was out of the blue, but if others like it, I might add a few more details in mind, I just really wanted to get this idea out of the box.)