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  1. TV / Movies Riverdale: The Discussion Thread

    American Gods, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural (i highly recommend this one), these are some of the top in my list.
  2. TV / Movies Riverdale: The Discussion Thread

    We have to wait until October I guess, until Season 2 arrives. I suggest you watch other series for now, I have so many to recommend you. Btw, if you were to choose between Betty and Veronica, who would you choose and why? Reason out, 1k word essay please HAHAHAHAHA LOL
  3. TV / Movies Riverdale: The Discussion Thread

    Haha! Sure, sure. Unless. I send a screenshot of it as message without the spoiler box.
  4. TV / Movies Riverdale: The Discussion Thread

    "If" is good. I'd really like to be an arse tho and spoil @GodsWithin aaand why'd you even make a thread if you haven't finished the entire Season 1, the more reason I'd like to spoil you. Open the spoiler at your own risk. No fair warnings for you.
  5. Reacts update is kind of a thing lol

    1. eurstin


      Sad reacts only

    2. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      sad reaccs only

  6. Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    Sure thing. What do you have from my list? Already have it, sorry. Offer?
  7. Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    Uh, don't ask me, state your offer.
  8. Am I the only one who's noticed, the unique pokemons count in-game have been updated? From something like 4,200+, now to 4,652? Sun & Moon Generations have been added to the count? v4 done yet? ehe :^_^:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Minson Soh

      Minson Soh

      It says it is 5652 on my profile

    3. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      Actually @surana57 you're right, what was I even thinking?

    4. Nutella Navigator
  9. Started Riverdale Monday, finished on Wednesday. Too good.

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    2. eurstin


      well played :D

    3. surana57


      Riverdale is sooo good. Who's your favourite character? @Nutella Navigator

    4. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      @surana57 It's Juggy.

      @eurstin it's always a good game ;) 

  10. Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    Accepted mate, sory for the wait. I was out yesterday doing something important, school related.
  11. Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    It was before then. Haven't I mentioned it from the rules?
  12. Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    No problem. Beep me once offered. Thanks! D U D E . Evolve them, to what evolution I want them as mentioned, I'll decline for now.
  13. Started watching Riverdale, anyone hooked into this series as well? Comment below! 

  14. Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    Okay. Are we still on the deal, with you giving me 50 unique non-legends on my list for it? Or not? As for the unique water and electric, 60-65 unique non-legends on my wishlist. Are we good? Offer on any scrub pokes, anything which you think doesn't have worth in my trades. Do you understand? Nah, bro. Not looking for it.