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  1. So, it came to my attention these variants of & are too rare to get your hands on one and only 3 unique variants are claimed each month. Rare, eh? So, the idea is why not make a unique random form of these Pory's an achievement unlocked prize for completing a certain dex variant (i. e. Completing the Shadow Obtainable/Unobtainable Dex of the Current Dex, or to put it short, Shadow Dex, regardless of event or non-event ones.) So the idea is, completing a certain variant dex assures you a unique random form of this Pory's.
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    Universal Level up/Exp farm

    Surely, I would like you to train my please. Where do I offer?
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    Universal Level up/Exp farm

    How much exp would you train for a ?
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    Genesect Genesis v1


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    Idea Sidequest Revamp

    No more new pokemon variant pls Yousy Sir, it;s too much work
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    News 10 Years of Pokémon Vortex

    I'm an OG of this game. Send gifts
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    Event Unobtainables Collection Showoff

    Hi! So basing from the name itself, what unobtainables do you have in your box? Unobtainables are event pokemons, not ultra beasts and fossils/primals tho. They were ran through a period of time making them hard to get ones. You can also add your DP's so you could show it off if you'd like, since they are part of of 'unobs' as well as they are unobtainable ones unless you have a bank account to donate for the progress of the game. So, what ones do you have? Show it off! Here's mine tho. Have fun looking! Basically looking at my event pokemons, you'll know I'm a veteran at the game. Been into the game since 2010. Lol.
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    The Fighting God


    Aaaaaand I'm alive tho hectic sched. I'll be participating in the event.
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    Answered Is this normal?

    Straya-poo to the rescueee!
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    Universal Community Trading Thread

    This post was long ago. 2 years ago. I already have them. Thanks tho.
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    Universal Community Trading Thread

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    General Pokemon Vortex Memories

    Any kind of memory you had with the game from the beginning itself are welcome here. Good and bad, whatever they may be. They're all memories now. So, what do you remember? I'll start with my own. - There was a time back then in the forums and a forum user named 'Kunny' having raffles and prizes were exp'ed pokemon. Botting was still allowed back then. His IGN I believe if I clearly remember was OrangeCat and his favorite poke was a with billions of EXP. - There was also this forum user named Sharktibolt who did giveaways with prizes of pools of pokemon. A pool of random legendary pokemon as the major prize. - Unobtainables back then can be purchased in the pokemart for pokedollars. - The one thing you can't do now, botting. Else, get banned. - If I clearly remember, the max exp of a pokemon you can train on is 7 billion back then. I don't know now if that limit still exists. - I remember when I was new to the game, was 11 years old back then, 20 now. I saw from a user's profile to click the link to get free rare pokemon. Clicked it and the next day, all my pokemon we're gone. T'was a phishing site I don't know nothing about yet, and my account was inaccessible, luckily @Patrick gave me a hand in my account recovery. Since the e-mail I used was from an account I have no idea. So, how about you? What good memories do you have? Share some!
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    General Pokemon Vortex Memories

    Hands down to these. Hehehe. Great to know you have pics of good old memories as do I.
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    General Pokemon Vortex Memories

    I also did that. To get me them mehehehehehe Those were v2 days indeed. Yeah, I remember Pat hosting Missingno giveaways on Google+ sas1

    Dark Popplio

     Shiny PopplioShiny Primarina

    Mystic PopplioMystic Primarina

    Please do message me if you have any of these. 

    IGN: ShadowConspiracy


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    Resolved No link for password reset

    It might be that the e-mail you you have associated with your said username is not the one you're trying to recover from. Or there must be a mistake with the e-mail you've associated it with.
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    Universal [ShadowConspiracy] Trades

    RULES: All forum rules apply. Just offer. If it's something in my wanted list, most likely I'll accept it. Just don't ask for too much of you're proposing a deal with me. Also, if you want anything from what I'm currently trading, we can negotiate it for pokedollars exchange. Just hit me up. RATES: Currently following the value given by Vortex Bot on Discord. LOOKING FOR: LOOKING FOR: (EVENTS) LOOKING FOR FOSSILS:
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    Answered Need some money, money, money

    Training accounts. And battle training accounts defeat them using immunity pokes. Pokemon types with steel, fairy, ghost, dark, and ground are immunity types. For example, I train my Mawile Level 5, using the TrainingDialga as the training account, I'll earn big cash drops and big experience. From Level 5 to Level 100 in 2 minutes.
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    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    IGN: ShadowConspiracy What I love about the game? Well I tried to force myself to leave the game but after a few months I tend to be back. Well, there one time I didn't play fort wo years but then again I was back once more. Been playing since 2011. "Vortex is a drug." @fodnbilal used to say. Also, the game went for a new change log and I'm loving it with all the new sweet updates. Thanks for giveaway m8, cheers to more years with the game moving forward.
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    Universal Community Trading Thread

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    Universal [ShadowConspiracy] Trades

    I'm not sure I don't have any events you want. Meh. I'm really sorry. Some starters would you want?
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    Answered How to see your team?

    If you're logged in to the game, hover the mouse to 'your account' below you'll see 'Your Pokemon Team' click on it. And from there you can change your team as well.
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    Universal [ShadowConspiracy] Trades

    Is there something in specific you're looking for? No. It means I'm trading a Shiny Ditto. Please read again.
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    Universal Community Trading Thread

    I have metallic spritzee, what are you offering?
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    Universal [ShadowConspiracy] Trades

    Lemme have a look at your account bud. To see if something interests me.