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    Idea Pokedex Achievements

    For us pokemon collectors, trying to complete the obtainable dex. It would be great if there was a "dex badge" or something you'd call it like that pertaining to getting a badge on your profile as soon as you complete an obtainable dex in a certain region. Because it would be more rewarding for us collectors to see where our hard work trading and training uniques just to complete the dex. So the idea would be, for example I had completed the Johto Obtainable Dex, I should get "Johto Obtainable Dex Completed" badge just under my achievements in my profile, or when you click 'Achievements' in another one's profile on the members tab. So on and so forth with the other regions; Indigo/Orange/Hoenn/Sinnoh/Unova/Kalos/Alola Obtainable Dex Completed. I think that would be great, and hoping in advance you'd consider this idea, Pat. Thanks!
  2. How old were you when you started playing Pokemon Vortex? And how old are you now? I was 11 when I started the game.Introduced and influenced by my friends. And now I'm 18 and still into the game
  3. I just want to annoy the guy. Whatever. Lol. No offense, Pat. :^_^:


  4. Just a question out of curiosity. Since were moving to Canada in a few days. Am I gonna have any troubles with my account if I open it in Canada? Since I'm gonna be in Canada Local Top Trainers from my local list here in the Philippines? 

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    2. eurstin


      No luck, haven't encountered any that I need. To be fair, I rarely map hunt, so the chances of me finding my desired Budew's are slim.

    3. Nutella Navigator
    4. misty_lax


      No dont move to Canada. There is no competition here :O


      Just joking :)

  5. Nutella Navigator

    Answered I was banned

    Surely, you were botting. Because if you weren't botting to gain something without grinding, your account were still accesible to this date. Botters are and will be banned. This ain't V2 anymore where botting WAS legal. I'll leave this to the mods and admins.
  6. old but gold...



  7. zVSnoko.png

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    2. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      Easter ones were a contest thru Pokemon Vortex Facebook page you posted, man, I went crazy and had to force my brother help me draw those because how much I wanted 5 unobtainables of my choice as a prize and in the end taking back what you said to hold the contest and discontinue due to unsaid reasons. 

    3. Patrick


      I think it was due to not enough entries.

    4. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      But you never stated the reason. Anwho, I'm still keeping these "art" works dedicated  to PV. 

  8. Nutella Navigator

    Uniques Completing Alolan Dex

    Ooh, la, laaaaaaaa~ Naisu, bro! Thanksies!
  9. Nutella Navigator

    Uniques Completing Alolan Dex

    Back for the meantime I guess and goal is to complete my Alolan Dex before the holidays end. RULES: All forum rules apply. RATES: For the unique starters/rares in my trades, 5-6 unique non-legends in my list provided below, depending on the rarity. For non-rares, 1 is to 1 for my non-rare uniques as well. WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: WHAT I CAN OFFER:
  10. Nutella Navigator

    Report Scammed by ShinyRed

  11. Back since 10th December and my girlfriend having noticed I'm putting to much time on the game and she hasn't talked to me for the the last 3 days :sigh:

    1. Patrick


      Distract her with something shiny.

      Image result for rainbow fish emoji

    2. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      How about playing the game in secret? :chat:

    3. eurstin


      Not exactly shiny, but that works too :D

  12. Nutella Navigator

    Experience Exp Market + Trainer! First Poke In!

    How much exp can you train for a Cosmog? I need my to get them to 3 hearts each. Can give you a
  13. Nutella Navigator

    Universal Completing My Normal Dex

    I have from your wanted list. Will you trade any DP from your trades for these?
  14. Nutella Navigator

    Idea Auction 'Jump to Page Number'

    Since I've been enjoying the auction lately as I'm back for the holidays. I think this idea would help most players who are a fan of the Pokebay Auctions, since it's a bit of a hassle where there's no "jump to page number " after you bid on something and you'll have to click the next best number from where when you stopped from browsing the auctions.
  15. Nutella Navigator

    Idea New Special types or event Pokemon submission

    Meh. :o4rel: But, then again, you have a wide imagination. Nice idea tho.
  16. Nutella Navigator

    Universal darrenkslim Mons and Services

    dark: mareanie metallic: grubbin, pikipek, yungoos, minior (meteor) shiny: yungoos all these for a shadow suicune?
  17. Nutella Navigator

    Universal shiny+legendary shop

    sure, is it uft already?
  18. Nutella Navigator

    Universal shiny+legendary shop

    Offering Arceus for Mystic Golisopod
  19. Nutella Navigator

    Universal darrenkslim Mons and Services

    Meh. Took you long enough to reply. I'll re-check my list.
  20. Nutella Navigator

    Universal darrenkslim Mons and Services

    MYSTIC: drampa, pukumuku, rockruff, zubat, turtonator DARK: mareanie x2 METALLIC: dewpider, grubbin, mudbray, pikipek, yungoos SHADOW: crabrawler, minior (meteor), oricorio (baile), salandit, wishiwashi, wishiwashi (school) SHINY: bruxish, Shiny Oricorio (Baile), Shiny Oricorio (Sensu), salandit, yungoos All these I listed for? and dark mimikyu, wimpod for normal pikamas?
  21. Nutella Navigator

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for 1st edition only
  22. How was Floette (Eternal) distributed? What event? Good Lord, I'm too old and not updated with the game hehe

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    2. misty_lax


      It was distributed via a battle against AZ. On 2nd round he has 6 Level 220 Pokemon. There is a lot of Floette around so it would probably cheap to buy one.

    3. waybig


      The battle of Eternity. You go up against 

      AZ and his damn overpowered team.:><:

      1st match there were only 3 pokes I think...

      2nd team had 6 level 220 pokes.

      If u  won the first one u got normal eternal 

      If u won the second u got unique eternal 

    4. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      Thanks guyth! Big helpppp hehe

  23. Nutella Navigator

    Ultra Beast Bonanza


    Something to look forward to. Great timing, checking some news here in Forums after 4 months and seeing an event is up soon! Gotta mark that calendar, tho got only 2 bballs
  24. Back, but not for good. Seems like I've missed out a lot of things lately.