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  1. Hi, u still play??

    1. GodsWithin


      No he got banned...

    2. demonstriker


      I think he still play vortex.

  2. Uniques

    Yes sir, both UFT in Malan
  3. Giveaway

    1) ign : Malan 2) favourite villain: Bowser 3) Punch in the nose lol 4) a name 5) crazy
  4. Uniques

    Looking for Offering or i can evolve them into Meadow, Garden, Sandstorm,High Plains, Ocean, Modern and Monsoon.
  5. Uniques

    I need dark, shiny and metallic polar. for 1 normal legend?
  6. Uniques

    Hi man! Can you evolve me 2 shadow and 1 dark scatterbug to and ?
  7. Universal

    Maybe, maybe not. The rotom halloween are map events and they worth nothing lol. But the map events ussually cost a lot, like the caterpie christmas
  8. Leggys and Uniques dex completed :D

    1. Srki123
    2. darkxknight101


      Congratulations man, got some time to rest until sun/moon pokes are released

    3. Deathbane210


      damn gz mane thats amazing

  9. Universal

    How much is the value of a unique rotom dex in exp? If someone can tell me that pls
  10. Uniques

    Can you offer pls? It takes forever to load for me
  11. Uniques

  12. Uniques

    lol what you want for a vivillon?
  13. Uniques

    Dark Celebi or Metallic Mesprit?
  14. Uniques

    for the dark continental?
  15. Uniques

    Tks a lot man!