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  1. It is going to be added soon It takes some time so just be patient
  2. Why is there question marks after some pokemon?
  3. The Seasonal Battle Tower is for you to use by battling the cpu generated player and you get and you get points for the Seasonal Top Trainer
  4. I've been using my since I caught it and that was 3 ish months ago and everything's going fine with the moveset that im using
  5. For normal Dark Necrozma whats the best moveset my movset is for Necrozma is Prismatic Laser OHKO's everything except for Steel and Dark Types, Solar Beam for Water, Rock and Ground types that also are dark types, Hidden Power Fire for Steel types and Hidden Power Fairy for Dark types @Alpha37 is this moveset good?
  6. While I was doing the Seasonal Battle Tower it glitched and restarted my battle (I can't post a screenshot here) Can I have an explanation of what happened?
  7. Ign Pikachu372 Fav Necrozma Starter Meowscarada
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