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  1. Jinnx

    Universal Xp training jobs

    How much exp for mystic pikachu xmas, normal jedi and normal vader
  2. Jinnx

    Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN: Jinnx Color: Purple
  3. Jinnx

    General what did u skip today?

    Just skipped
  4. Jinnx

    Giveaway God's Never Ending Giveaway

    !claim Jinnx Thank you kindly
  5. Jinnx

    Zygarde Returns


    You say "Now you need to head out to the cave maps to find some Zygarde (Cell)'s and Zygarde (Core)'s." But then you say Q - Where can I find Zygarde (Cell)? A - Zygarde (Cell) can be found on the grass maps during the day only and have the same rarity as regular Pokémon. Q - Where can I find Zygarde (Core)? A - Zygarde (Core) can be found on the grass maps during the night only and have the same rarity as legendary Pokémon. So is it grass maps cave maps or both ?
  6. Jinnx

    Archive Movements

    Do you think false swipe will take the pokemon down to 1hp in V4 ?
  7. Jinnx

    Legendary Questions

    No. Quoted from FAQ How do I catch legendary Pokémon? Legendary Pokémon will appear randomly on the maps, only after you have defeated all gym leaders, elite 4's, champions, Hoenn/Sinnoh battle frontier's and the Battle Maison. (This does not include Events or Sidequests).
  8. Jinnx

    Luck ?

    Not quite sure how the system works with legendary rates and certain algorithms for certain legendaries, nonetheless; have caught two shiny rayquazas within the span of 8 days (both being level 51 also). Not sure if i'm stupid lucky or what ? Happy but very confused because i thought shiny rayquazas were extremely rare. Have saved screenshots of all my unique legendary appears (Don't bother with normal leg) If i could get a simple answer to this, would be helpful, Cheers. IGN: Jinnx
  9. Jinnx

    Giveaway Red_Thunder's Giveaway

    IGN: Jinnx Favorite Pokemon:
  10. Jinnx


    IGN: Jinnx
  11. Jinnx

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Already have a Shiny Latias sorry, best offer so far 5 unique legends.
  12. Jinnx

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    up for trade, will consider all decent offers. IGN: Jinnx