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  1. Events

    or or + unique cosplay for auction 1
  2. Giveaway

    IGN: best_is_back No cosmogs Thanks for the giveaway !!
  3. Giveaway

    IGN :Best_is_back Thanks for the giveaway
  4. Universal

    trading for a
  5. Universal

    any one have shadow cells ??
  6. Events

    check my bro's trade ign:vinod_kumar
  7. Events

    trade me 2 shadow cells for a partial
  8. Events

    trade me 2 shadow cells for a partial
  9. Giveaway

    I want to join.
  10. Universal

    i want shadow zygade cells trading unique legendaries or unique cores or unique cells or zygarde partials for them
  11. Events

    i want shiny cells atleast 2 for that
  12. Legendaries

    1 is left in ur trade can u me that
  13. Legendaries

    i want ur shiny cells for unique core or unique legys or normal partials
  14. Universal

  15. Events

    offer ur shadow cells for my partial it is up for trade