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  1. Hi! for those of u who haven't seen it yet, i'm doing another giveaway! anyone can enter and the prizes are (good) starter pokemon! hope u enter and that everyone has an AWESOME day/night! Byeeee!

  2. Sooo Idk if this is a glitch/bug or not but if you log in twice, sometimes it will let you claim the next day's reward as well. Idk if it is a time zone issue, but i was just wondering whether it's an issue or not. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! thank you to everyone who entered so far! 5 days left! Also, if this Giveaway ends with less than 5 people, the giveaway end date will be postponed until we have enough people! Thank u guys for entering!
  4. Hi again! - i haven't done a giveaway in a while so.... here u go! POKEMON -1st : Squirtle & turtwig -2nd : popplio -3rd : tepig -4th : mudkip -5th : piplup ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -this giveaway will last one week! (ends on 5/21/24) - winners will be randomly chosen - all the pokemon are listed under the profile "blackcatmoon" NOT "moonridge" if you win, just put a trash pet or a pokeball! - TO ENTER : just comment ur pokemon vortex ign so ik who to look for in trades! I will post the winners on my forums profile and under "blackcatmoon"'s profile bio (in pv not on forums) Thanks!
  5. sorry i was late posting the winners but they are 1st place winner : void-star 2nd place winner : Vardhanimom 3rd place winner : kendoken the prizes are will be posted on my trade by june 1st so offer anything you want!
  6. i got really lucky and i caught a , a , and a
  7. i think that is an amazing idea and i have been thinking about that idea as well and im glad i read this before i posted my suggestion
  8. i agree because some of us don't have things like discord or are not allowed on discord.
  9. i tried that but i dont really get it
  10. so i have a and i want to evolve it into but all i get for a evolution option is what can i do to change it? spewpa vivillon polar vivillon savanna
  11. comment your ign and i will use a wheel of names to pick who will win the lottery!!! 1st 2nd 3rd 5 people must enter for giveaway to happen if 5 people enter there will be a guaranteed winner i will add 2 no-one spots so there is a small chance only one person will win. giveaway ends on may 15th 2023 the giveaway is over so winners claim you prizes!!!
  12. However i would like all players to be able to do this not only clanmates its fine
  13. i am requesting a feature where you can trade avatars and items without using pokedollars and so you can pick who receives the the avatars and items like trade pokemon
  14. Maybe you could add a feature where you can trade items & avatars. I’m sorry for wasting your time if someone has already suggested this.
  15. We have a winner 783 for the xernas! What is your ign so. Can send you a friend request on vortex?
  16. i'm always doing cool giveaways so keep an eye out!!!


    my ign is moonridge

    laprasxerneas (active)rayquaza (mega)dragonitearceuseternatusGyaradosabsollunalaSolgaleocosmoem

  17. Ing moonridge you’re very nice for doing this giveaway.
  18. for guessing my favorite number from 1 - 1000 you can win aor a (lv. 62 exp. 31,446 ) (lv.95 47,804 exp) which you get is your choice. everyone gets 3 tries ( i'm sorry if this is bad i just joined ) Has been won by kinskyle i will keep adding legendarys when someone wins on until giveaway ends giveaway ends on may 1st. sorry but this giveaway is now over.
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