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  1. interesting, I wonder if that actually happens?
  2. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for will give
  3. So if I'm trading 8 of my pokes for 17 of someone else's, how do you guys do that without getting scammed and making sure that the other party carries the trade all the way through?
  4. Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    What is the rarest legend i could get for a set of unique sylveons?
  5. Universal tryvl's uniques trading for legends

    No thanks. If you want literally all the eevees I'll need Shiny Ho-Oh + 2 unique legends that I'm looking for.
  6. Trading the following pokemon, Check the end for what I'm looking for. No specific rates, will depend on offers, just let me know how many uniques you want. If you just want eevees, it will cost you. DARK MYSTIC METALLIC (4 hearts) SHADOW (x3) SHINY LOOKING FOR: Unique Groudon, Unique Kyogre, Unique Arceus, Unique Ho-oh, Unique Kyurem, Unique Mewtwo
  7. Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    I'm looking to trade my (4 hearts) and x2 What could I get for those. I'll trade the Azelf and eevees on their own. I would do the Larvitar and Sableye together
  8. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Want to trade my for a . Please hit me up.
  9. Hi Vitol Any interest in a or . I also have a with 4 hearts that I want to trade. Cheers.
  10. Universal Community Trading Thread

    I've got a shiny sableye that I'm looking to trade. I cleared up my original post for clarification.
  11. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Want to trade my with 4 hearts. Looking for unique legends. pm 'tryvl' Also have and that I'm looking to trade. hit my up.
  12. I'm considering evolving my Rayquaza but I wanted to know if Mega Rayquaza automatically gets V-Create or not? The pokedex doesn't show it but almost every Rayquaza mega on trade has a v-create. Any thoughts?