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  1. Universal Community Trading Thread

    I put it on auction - #0000013556
  2. Universal Community Trading Thread

    trading looking for Diancies
  3. Universal Community Trading Thread

    I'm looking for will offer hit me up.
  4. Hey for your for your for your for your for your Let me know what you think? My ign is 'tryvl' cheers
  5. Well damn, either I overestimated how many people want the happiness Eevees or people just don't have enough shinies lol
  6. I'll keep it simple. Trading every single happiness eeveelution of every single type. My IGN - tryvl. They will be put uft after a trade has been agreed upon. WHAT I'M OFFERING WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR - THESE LEGENDS ONLY RATES (UPDATED)
  7. Hey @Irichards92, can you take a look at my ign - tryvl for any uniques that you need. Cheers.
  8. the first 2 pretty much do most of the damage. Sylveon and Skarmory are good because they don't take much damage
  9. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading Looking for 4-5 unique legs, at least 1 shiny Check ign - tryvl. It is uft
  10. Contest Get 3 Z-Cells

    tryvl 3.
  11. Universal tryvl's uniques trading

  12. interesting, I wonder if that actually happens?
  13. So if I'm trading 8 of my pokes for 17 of someone else's, how do you guys do that without getting scammed and making sure that the other party carries the trade all the way through?
  14. Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    What is the rarest legend i could get for a set of unique sylveons?