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  1. Music

    6/10 the only song of Led Zepplin i like is this one- if anyone remembers this is the soundtrack of Thor 3 trailer !! see the lyrics video - many ppl like me dont get what he is singing
  2. Giveaway

    ign: rishivojjala014-2 number -14 thanks for the giveaway
  3. Experience

    lol we r truly impatient people!!! u can offer my pokemon on any of my normal pokemon on ign-rishivojjala014-2
  4. Music

    4/10 - just didnt like the above one so much @GodsWithin i really liked your song - Unforgettable-French Montana---->10/10 @Sneezeball i know the weird song which u posted cause i saw it's roast by a youtuber-CarryMinati !!! this song has a slow start and is kinda slow at some points but is really great according to me
  5. Experience

    okay okay
  6. Experience

    i wud like my pokemon back
  7. Experience

    k np - i thought u got banned or left vortex or something like that
  8. Game

    3 wow this thing is still being played
  9. Experience

    @Mark Thompson i gave u my for training to 3 hearts - roughly 12 days back !! sorry but this speed is ridiculously slow or did u forget about my job??
  10. Music

    11/10 for numb
  11. Universal

    sorry for this - but i gave away the kyurem black to someone else
  12. Universal

    train 4 million on my for a ? u can change the attacks of the furfrou to make training easier do u want me to offer the furfrou on ign: H-Fly ? - i will offer the payment on the furfrou after the training
  13. Experience

    done ty
  14. Experience

    ok i have the from the list wud u train my to 600 k exp ? i wont mind if u mega evolve my buneary or change it's attacks to make training easierwhere to i offer my buneary for training ? ign ?
  15. Experience

    wat abut my job ?