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  1. what is your account name

  2. i think that's a bad idea cause it will become like what happens in claiming events like cubone vader where ppl will create too many accounts and get rare pokemon daily also cash is easy to earn already using training accounts ,,, if the chance to get an event is available daily it wud decrease it's value the legendaries value is already very low too ...
  3. there are easier ways to evolve pichu's without using the happiness - just torture it mentally and force it to evolve !!
  4. Ign- rishivojjala014-2 I have 0 cosmog but 20 cosmoem
  5. please put some pokemon (3-4) uft on your account so that i can offer u all the unique legends that u won as a prize in the giveaway

    1. Uncle_Psychic


      thanks fam,done 

    2. rishivojjala014-2


      ok i offered all my unique legends to u :) i wanna keep the shadow ray mega - that's the 1st legend i caught in vortex !!

    3. Uncle_Psychic


      thats cool man,good luck 

  6. that's a shiny pokeball u won it's an event :face_palm: i knew that zeus that y u and corgi were considered as only 1 entry
  7. your ign looks like a storage of bidoof_hammer dont critize for double/triple posting now RESULTS ; grand prizes- ----> @maliha! ---> @SanMEOWTH ---> @Lunchbox -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - @HiroMandi90 ---> @porymon ---> @Dx-Generation ---> @eurstin --> @Bizjan ---> @swethabattu SEVEN OF --------> @JaymzIsUS ----> @ViralV ----> @KYNO ----> @Miichie ------ @iZeus -----> @sas A set of shadow vivillons -> @surana57 a set of shiny vivillons --> @yogeshfederer all my unique arceus (see prize list) --- @krishna267 all the unique fosils (see prize list) ----- @VeNoM- ------> @DannyV all the happiness pokemon (see prize list) --- > @Dhiraj Bhandari set of shadow unowns --> @CaptainX all unique legends of mine ---> @Uncle_Psychic -----> fabyothecra (enrolled through discord) -----> @Auke1993 WINNERS WILL RECEIVER THEIR PRIZES IN THE NEXT 12 HOURS SO PUT RUBBISH POKEMON ON TRADE
  8. my for free? where do i offer u have too many ign's @JaymzIsUS sorry to spoil your profits
  9. remove my name from the giveaway @Uncle_Psychic cause if i win - i will have to do another giveaway giving away the magaearna :face_palm:
  10. R.I.P. @rishivojjala014-2

    R.I.P. Friend

    R.I.P. Shiny Budew ( @eurstin aka The Henchman of Budew perhaps.)

    I hope you die. (JK)

    Stay Blessed. Reach Heights.

    But, Be Who You Are! Cuz, who you are is what people like/hate. :)

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    2. rishivojjala014-2


      wasnt that your selfie @iZeus
      lol no need to get so sentimental :P  xD @Mark Thompson

    3. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      Lol. Maybe zeus is something like that.


    4. eurstin


      First of all, I am a Budew. Don't insult me ;) 

      Secondly, I didn't die :/ 

      not so sure why you came to that conclusion but k den

  11. This is my 800th post on forums I wud have loved to take it to a 1000 :(:(


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    2. iZeus


      @eurstinYou hurt his inner feelings.

      Thank god you did.

    3. v3567


      If you're going to quit the game and forums, you could go on a spamming-spree when a mod isn't online. Pick a good time :P

    4. rishivojjala014-2


      lol i dindt know status updates don count :( 
      @v3567 ye i'll think about that "spamming spree" - i will sapm about the magic spells and weird wizard ads that was once advertised on forums xD 

  12. I have not yet reached till season 6 The books and series r quite different after season 5-6 according to me - the new book has not been released but the new seasons keep coming - I prefer the tv series more and also if I give spoilers from books it's gonna be wrong cause the tv series is gonna be different probably !
  13. @Miichie that was one big para - u didn't have do to all that hardwork cause I already own and have read each and every game of thrones book and seen most of of the show !! @TheGreatCat u didn't mention your ign or anything man @angelito_1993 do I know u in game or on discord ? Your account seems to have been made like 5 mins before u entered this giveaway - I am just asking cause I don't want any player who has already enrolled in the giveaway to make another fake account and increase their chances of winning
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