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  1. Can anyone tell me where is nightshade cryht where halloween syther spawn
  2. 50 I guess Cause 100 is alway more than a zekrom u know I will put zekrom on trade
  3. Ok how much money for palkia
  4. Ok bro I will pay on it Hey bro u said u want 90k for it but u put poke ball for 100k but I still payed so now deal is done And how much u want for palkia or I can offer groudon for it or darkrai
  5. Hey bro I can't find ur poke ball on poke bay
  6. <content removed> Please read the trade rules before creating a trade thread.
  7. u will put it on pokebay??
  8. What can I offer for resiraim
  9. Hello guy I made this thread because when I saw the old community trading thread I was shocked by no. Pages in that thread And I find if very difficult to find what I need and what is can sell or trade So , if u guy want then u can use this thread but I don't think this thread will be good a old ( old is good 👍) but I think atleast som player find this useful so thanks for reading enjoy life it is shorter than u think . Bad Time is always here but good time only comes sometimes, try to enjoy it much as u can --- °^° ^-^ ^°-°^
  10. darkrai - roar of time , x scissor , thunder foul play zarude - drain punch , crunch , power whip , acrobatices umbrion - thorat chop , psychic , return ( max happiness ) , dig mega houndoom - overheat , solar beam , punishment , reversal drapion - earthquake , fling , slouge bomb , aqua tail hydriegon - flash cannon , earthquake , outrage , dark pulse IGN - PRONEGI
  11. What is the best offer I can get for and for . I have zygarde
  12. Looking for Mewtwo offering groudon or Darkrai Can anyone trade me and a for a Trading Also trading ( plz take this guy I wasted 400k on this by mistake) , , , dark fire dratini one ( I can't spell it ) , Darkrai , metallic dark town
  13. I can offer metalic darktown for arcues and a normal groudon Or I can offer a giratina for Arceus
  14. May be u are trying to find it in wrong route where he can't be funded if it is not the case then ur luck is bad is guess like mine.....
  15. I can offer Darkrai or groudon any one u want for ho-oh
  16. Which one u want zekrom or Darkrai? My IGN is pronegi
  17. hey bro i offered for ur zygarde accpt if u like the offer
  18. I have cosmoem but I checked ur trade I don't really need any mons u have
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