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    ign: daniyalx
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    ur shiny complete for 28mil exp
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    ur volcanion or donation for 58mil exp
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    i need genesect forms
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    I didn't receive ur offer
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  7. Experience

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    but remember it takes very long
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  10. Experience

    I can train 22 - 25 Mil
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    Offer in sreechand account
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    OK deal
  13. THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE TRAINING CENTRE The rates are as follows: 1.5mil - 2Mil for normal 3Mil - 3.5 Mil for unique 4Mil - 4.5Mil for normal 5Mil - 5.5Mil for unique 18Mil - 21Mil for normal / 21Mil - 25Mil for unique / 30Mil - 35Mil for normal cosplays except jedi 50Mil for Donations I train 300k to 400k per day Only 3 orders are taken at once NOTE: 1) RATES CAN BE NEGOTIATED 2) IF YOU ARE WILLING TO GIVE OTHER POKEMONS THAT I HAVE NOT MENTIONED THEN YOU CAN PM ME, FOR EXAMPLE PIKACHU JEDI, VIVLLION POKEBALL AND FANCY, FOSSILS CURRENTLY TRAINING: @eurstin SHINY DIALGA TO 26MILLION EXP @bilal.anwar SHINY GENGAR TO 10MILION EXP