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  1. Answered

    Can u pm me on how 2 use
  2. Answered

    If u hv another charmander put it for trade and the check
  3. Giveaway

  4. Giveaway

    ign sreechand i didnt get any cosmog
  5. Answered

    Click the 3lines logo on left top corner and select the channel
  6. Universal

    Can I offer 6 non leggies for mystic and metallic darkrown
  7. Universal

    Wat legend u want
  8. Contest

  9. Giveaway

    Ign sreechand Favourite pokemon is About you i can good polite doing well
  10. Giveaway

  11. Universal

    Wat can u give for metallic popstar and 2 unique pika Christmas
  12. Universal

    My metallic popstar for ur volcanion
  13. Universal

    Let it be a normal cosplay and a unique rotom pokedex
  14. Universal

    Ign rakir 1:metallic popstar and rotom Halloween 2:zygarde complete and 3 zygarde partial You can bid by entering the numbers Suggested offer:Min offer for 1 is donation Min offer for 2 is 2 normal cosplay except Christmas and a rotom pokedex Time 36 hours
  15. Giveaway

    Sreechand My favourite electric poke is zekrom Bolt strike and thunderbolt