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  1. the thing is i can't able to insert the images through URL, can you please suggest me how to do that.
  2. No i didn't know him before this happened. i played till 3.30 PM IST and when i tried to login again at 7.40 PM IST it showed as wrong password or username. Using the reset link i changed the password and by the time i logged into my account i found the notifications like darkdaru has accepted your trade. 50% of my pokemons has been stolen by him.
  3. screen shots in the sense i took the screen shots of my pokemons in his list, which shows the original trainer name as "kamalteja"
  4. Hi Bro,


    my account was hacked by darkdaru and he stoled 50% of my pokemons. i don't know what to do.


    Literally i can see my pokemons in his list, i reported to patrick but didn't received any response.


    please suggest me something.

  5. My account has been hacked by darkdaru and he stolen my highest 4 pokemons. i just changed the password but the guy is still viewing my profile.
  6. HI Patrick,


    my account has been hacked by darkdaru and he stole my highest experienced 4 pokemons.

    i changed my password but don't know what to do.

    1. kamalteja


      he's still viewing my profile Patrick. let me suggest something to do.

    2. kamalteja


      He had stolen many of my pokemons, not only 4 you can see his profile the original trainer name shows kamalteja.


      i need a response Patrick, i have been playing vortex since 4 years and i played hard to get these pokemons but that bastared named darkdaru just hacked and stoled my pokemons.


      please do something. 

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