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  1. MostOfMe


    I had a question i asked in a topic thrice
  2. That happens many times My viviball had -1 offers My Arceus had 1660 offers My Misdrevus's attack changed into 3500 and had no effect
  3. Pls dont add this as a post I say to that haxer that i give him a -1
  4. MostOfMe


    It would be good if we have a vortex clock which shows time and changes map preferance automatically I think negative pokemon would be great Lastly i want to share photos via vortex messages
  5. Map refreshes automatically
  6. ? what you figured out? M.... ???????? what are you saying?
  7. That happens till your session expires After you logout, the server slowly makes you offline Till that, your acc will be online
  8. Asking the same question again and again may get you warnings This is being taken . Don't you know that there are other problems? Now be patient like
  9. Pm your pokemon showdown form to me before Patrick 

    Ill correct your team

    Visit gleam giveaway for an example

    On host r enter contest

    1. MostOfMe



      As it is ground and flying it is perfect

  10. MostOfMe


    I have been warned for replying to too many topics My idea is that only posts posted under the five subforums of pokemon vortex hub + new topics must be counted as posts Do you like it ?
  11. There is no need for members to increase trades as the event ended So noone wondertrades
  12. At the start of each event, my items also get maxed out But i use them in battles
  13. Administrators I would be happy if you host a bug catching contest for which we get berries as prize EXAMPLE Gold berry heal berry berry cure berries
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