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  1. glaceon001's post in I can't find my box pokemon in change team was marked as the answer   
    do you have an empty slot on your team? if so, capture another pokemon, then try again.
  2. glaceon001's post in no pokes was marked as the answer   
    if you go to "change team", if you look just above the two boxes, you will see a button called "all your pokemon". click that button. there, you can choose the pokemon you want on your team and the one to take off your team.
  3. glaceon001's post in Battle arena was marked as the answer   
    click the tab "Your Account", then click on Item Inventory. Click on the Pokemart, then go down to the mega stone section (bottom of page), then just look through the mega stones to find the Charisardite X
  4. glaceon001's post in Forum (Trades) was marked as the answer   
    EXP and happiness threads are trading the service for pokemon. so... yea they are.
  5. glaceon001's post in I'm on the Pursuit of Happiness was marked as the answer   
    Happiness ~ here is a link to the happiness page on the wiki
  6. glaceon001's post in Dark Version was marked as the answer   
    it is not agaist the rules. i use it every now and then
  7. glaceon001's post in Maps at Night was marked as the answer   
    First, this should be under 'questions'
    Second, in-game time isn't based on real life. Go to the Options tab, and near the bottom, it will show 'Day or Night'.
  8. glaceon001's post in Status Update?? was marked as the answer   
    Go to edit your profile, then enable status updates.
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