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  1. It ain't against the rules so IGN: Haxor69 My Demons - Nightcore
  2. And they said I was banned Pfft o4rel

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    2. Haxor69


      When isn't u44 slow?CLO-xYJWoAAi5d9.jpg

    3. sportsandmusic69


      @Lunchbox is the slowest of them all on the bans. ;)

    4. Lunchbox


      I resent that. I'm not as well practiced as you yet. 

  3. HELP I'm going through the torture of exams!

    But when their over on 18 March in the next 5 days I may start Gaway this late coz I have to attend a mairrage.

  4. I didn't spam and if I did where?

    1. sportsandmusic69


      The community Vivillon trade thread. All you did was post a picture of a shirt saying "Look what I got!".

  5. in Normal BTW on IGN BigKike
  6. Hercules, a few days before I came to the chat and in Titanium there was no Kuroi...


    1. ..::Hercules::..


      Issue is fixed, no need to worry. We had little latency problem so we had decided to let the bot be offline until its not fixed. Have a nice time :)

  7. BigKike

    Super Secret Event


    This is gonna be
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