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  1. Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN: Zagzig0 Color: Violet
  2. Giveaway Srki Giveaway

    Zagzig0 Favorite Pokémon:
  3. Answered About "moving" Moves

    Is there any way possible that i can move explosion from the last spot to the first spot? Because when you start the battle, The first move automatically is selected. That woukd be more useful since i then dont have to click another move before i want to attack.
  4. Universal Hunting & Selling Shop

    then no, Sorry.(Since is actually very rare, i asked 2 that are not so rare.)
  5. Universal Hunting & Selling Shop

    Then do you trade and for my ?
  6. Universal Hunting & Selling Shop

    Hey Vexos! I have , Do you trade it for Zygarde stuff (Since the event is running now)?
  7. Universal Hunting & Selling Shop

    Im sorry man. I just dont have much.
  8. Universal Hunting & Selling Shop

    Hey Vexos! What do you trade for? I have anwith 5,782,485 Exp, And i have Both normal event vivillons. If thats not enough, You can always look at my acc, Zagzig0.
  9. Answered Questions about Exp worth

    lakh exp? What do you mean with that?
  10. Answered Questions about Exp worth

    Thanks for answering me! BTW Is really worth 60M exp?
  11. Answered Questions about Exp worth

    Hey, I would like to know how much exp would be worth. Also, Are and together worth less or more than 5.7 Million exp? (Also i would like to know the general worth of events and donation pokemon.)
  12. Ign: Zagzig0. Good luck outside of vortex!
  13. Archive Pokémon Vortex Live Battle Tournament

    I win! Zagzig0 (me) VS Domo3k (Domo3k lost):