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  1. There's no salvation for Bleach. Period.
  2. Online Favorite youtubers?

    1. I. 2. Me. 3. Myself.
  3. Archive Pokémon Vortex Live Battle Tournament

    Mahendra7 vs LoserPro :
  4. Game Display Pic Score

    11/10, nothing beats that white background flustered all over with hundreds of pixels.
  5. Art Banner Point

    yeah lel, been a bit busy, I'll start now
  6. Anime / Manga Anime Discussion

    The Wrecker-in-chief : Noblesse (Naruto, op and all don't even come close to it)
  7. Art Banner Point

    I'll try my best
  8. Art Banner Point

    ......the usual....... Sig details : Render, Text (if any), any other minor specifications needed (although I'll try implementing them the best I can since I'm just a beginner, I cannot assure you that all of them would be implemented though) P.S : Kindly do refrain from asking for poke sigs as much as possible Yours truly Gambit
  9. Archive Super Secret Giveaway

    IGN : Gambit007