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    Necrozoma 53? Victini Fire Maps Laxinng Mawile Victini or Manaphy
  2. fairy tail fan aren't you ,same pinch dude !! 

  3. Giveaway Nebby Family Giveaway!

    That only applies to Misty's beku psyduck
  4. Giveaway Nebby Family Giveaway!

    Xxxppp01 Best is actually The God of death can kill arceus too. Otherwise, it is Mimikyu the unknown.
  5. Giveaway Haxor69's Giveaway.

  6. Game Say something nice to the user above

    About you.... I know nothing. About @#POKEMON, He's been missing for a dozen of months.
  7. Game Say the disorder

  8. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading and . PM me in Forums or Discord at @Toh1172
  9. Giveaway Woobat?

    I remember you... You look suspicious...
  10. Contest More cells

    Ign pls?
  11. Contest More cells

    Totally forgot about this giveaway. @Haxor69 got max marks. So, he gets those cells. @seth1129400 gets a random poke. Sas gets a
  12. Giveaway Woobat?

    Woobat Giveaway Rules: Enter IGN. No double posting. Only accounts with no legendary pokemon. Prize: 1 lvl 100 2lvl 50 Results to be announced on 13 March when my exams end. Round #2:(Parallel) Prize 1: Thundrus. Anyone enter. You have to say something about woobat and altaria. Winner gets a thundrus the same day.
  13. Giveaway Deoxys Attack Form Giveaway (shadow)

    Entered. You do nicee giveaways bro