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  1. Game

    About you.... I know nothing. About @#POKEMON, He's been missing for a dozen of months.
  2. Trading and . PM me in Forums or Discord at @Toh1172
  3. Contest

    I remember you... You look suspicious...
  4. Contest

    Ign pls?
  5. Contest

    Totally forgot about this giveaway. @Haxor69 got max marks. So, he gets those cells. @seth1129400 gets a random poke. Sas gets a
  6. Contest

    Woobat Giveaway Rules: Enter IGN. No double posting. Only accounts with no legendary pokemon. Prize: 1 lvl 100 2lvl 50 Results to be announced on 13 March when my exams end. Round #2:(Parallel) Prize 1: Thundrus. Anyone enter. You have to say something about woobat and altaria. Winner gets a thundrus the same day.
  7. General

    Entered. You do nicee giveaways bro
  8. All for me
  9. Hi & Bye I am nothing. You are everything. But, There is nothing without everything. But not everything is without nothing
  10. Which means I am nothing. And nothing can be without everything. Something can never be nothing, Nothing can be something.
  11. I am thinking about...





  12. I am 0 years old. A shadow never gets old.