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  1. The first winner is IGN : GUAM
  2. There can be 2 winners only so be sure to reply with your ign and favorite anime but not mainstream anime
  3. Comment your username and your favorite anime and you might win
  4. There i have inboxed u know am i in the giveaway?

    1. X-86


      yep! ign : X-86 

  5. So for all the newbies(anyone) i will host a giveaway (legendary) every week!

    so stay tuned ! give positive reps ! 

    make sure you guys inbox me so 1 lucky winner will get a legendary :D 

  6. So If I put up my Solgaleo for trade what offers can i get :D

    (Please be Genuine)

    1. rishivojjala014-2


      probably 2 unique legends or 3 at the maximum

    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      I'd give you either 15 Unique Non-Legends or 2 Unique Legends. But I don't want a cosmog. :P

    3. rishivojjala014-2


      ^wow i wud give 10 or less unique non legends :P

  7. X-86

    Halloween 2016


    ok thanks!
  8. X-86

    Giveaway Who's That Pokemon 2

    ign: Lukensz 1) Wooper! 2) Blastoise (Mega)! 3) Donphan! 4) Zoroark! 5) Lastias & Latios!
  9. X-86

    Halloween 2016


    has the event started??
  10. X-86

    Universal Community Trading Thread

  11. X-86

    Idea Live Battle

    There should be a Live Battle options like the one's we used to have in Pokemon crater