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  1. DarkraiXXX

    General Who Did You Catch Today?

    I meant in the event. not everything I type shows on my tablet
  2. DarkraiXXX

    General Who Did You Catch Today?

    2 steps and found a 4 steps and found 2 normal cells and a core 4 min later after switching to night found a AND
  3. DarkraiXXX

    General Who was the first legendary you caught?

    I caught a but I traded it for a
  4. Which legendary pokemon do you think are the best? Or the worst? (power, looks, etc.) Best Worst (my opinion. tell me what you guys like/hate)
  5. DarkraiXXX

    General What pokemon are you training right now?

    my delphox is almost 500,000/1,000,000 exp. when it hits max im gonna work with my mega garchomp
  6. DarkraiXXX

    General Best Side-Leggie

    We all love the legendary pokemon you get while playing a any of the games. You kind of have to, since it's the mascot. Surely, we haven't forgotten about the leggies on the side, like my fav Darkrai. I think he's the best, but who do you guys think is the best? You can pick any side-leggie, but not Darkrown or Mewtwo (armor) because they were fan-made. Other then them, any other side-leggie is from any reagin is optional. Which side-leggie is loved the most by you