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  1. Ananko

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    I'm trading my metallic missingno. Please contact me ingame(Ananko) if you are interessted. Edit: The missingno found a new trainer. So the post is no longer valid.
  2. Ananko

    Archive Super Secret Giveaway

    IGN: Ananko
  3. Ananko

    The Assassin's giveaway #1

    IGN: Ananko 42
  4. Ananko

    Fixed Hyper potion

    I don't know why, but suddenly I had 255 Hyper potion, I denfinitly didn't buy. I saw them first after I meet all the requierments for finding ledgendaries on the map. Not that I'm upset, but I believe it's not suposed to be that way. Edit: The 255 Hyper Poitons do not show while in battle while they are still listed in my item inventory.