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  1. Programing

    not working
  2. Programing

    Clicking attack isn't working, Can it be fixed?
  3. Game

  4. Giveaway

    Sad to see you go :'( I hope you'll come back again one day for sure Ign: WorldOfFootball
  5. Experience

    You can choose any from ign WorldOfFootball
  6. Experience

    How much will you train for 10 unique legends?
  7. Experience

    Are you taking orders rn?
  8. Uniques

    Hunt a ralts set, charmander set, I'll pay you 5 normal legends for these.
  9. Giveaway

    WorldOfFootball, Thanks
  10. Universal

    LF these leggies : Offering each pika xmas/diglett xmas for each 8 of them
  11. Game

  12. Game

  13. Experience

    Gible isnt uft so I offered on infernape
  14. Experience

    The diglett xmas you need and pika xmas you need for 9-10 mil?