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    !claim WorldOfFootball
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    !claim WorldOfFootball
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    Angry man
  4. Feedback

    Patrick already stated that the re-run won't be soon. Also he said that every event won't be easy for everyone to complete it, something needs to be rare too
  5. Game

    Great ending
  6. Game

    Paper plate
  7. Game

    I luke pie. The pitch is ours.
  8. Game

    Data recieved
  9. Game

    user died
  10. Game

    Qertedtu hxcsau. Rain drop, drop top, stressin over life like non-stop.
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    Game play
  12. Game

    Friend zone
  13. Game

    U like giratoma. He was lost in the woods.
  14. Game

    On Off
  15. Universal

    Trading Pika Xmas and Diglett Xmas sets, LF Unique Kyurem Forms, Unique Rotom Halloweens, Unique Pika Jedis. PM me for more info