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  1. Can you do 10 for the rotoweens?
  2. I got all the santachus you want, both the rotoweens and all santapies except shiny, How much will you train for all?
  3. Oops sorry, edited I've asked the admins and they don't have any worries
  4. A SMALL GIVEAWAY I've decided to hold a small giveaway on the start of v4, so now I'll introduce the prizes 1st prize: 2nd prize: 20 random unique legends (I'll give the legends of my choice) Rules to enter: 1- Post your in game ign. 2- You must have to be a member of the in game clan The Crime Ministers (P.S- If one enters and then leaves the clan after the giveaway, he'll not be included in the next giveaways) 3- Write something you liked the most about v4. HAVE FUN, REGARDS.
  5. Answers: 1) Arceus 2) Entei, Suicune and Raikou 3) Lugia, Moltres and Articuno 4) Darkrai 5) The legendry number 10. Thanks alot for the giveaway Best of luck
  6. Dark terrakion, dark yveltal, metallic celebi, metalic darkrown, metallic diance, metallic genesect, metallic mew, metallic terrakion, metallic virizon, metallic yveltal, mystic cobalion for 3.2 mil on my shadow hoopa? Its alrady at 6.8 mil, You'll have to take it to 10 mil
  7. Okay let me know when finished, what's your discord name?
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