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  1. Miichie

    Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN: Miichie Colour: Thistle Thanks for hosting the giveaway! : )
  2. Miichie


    My number's 64! IGN is Miichie. : ) Hopefullly I got it or close enough! ><
  3. Miichie

    Universal Biscuitman's Trading Thread

    My for your ???
  4. Miichie

    Uniques (UPDATED) ThisIsAWolf's Trade Center

    Offered now. Enjoy the pokes. :3 At least a step further to completing your leggy dex.
  5. Miichie

    Uniques (UPDATED) ThisIsAWolf's Trade Center

    for your ?
  6. Miichie

    Legendaries Lonely's Legends and Events (UPDATED)

    What for your Pikachu Jedi and Dark Arceus?
  7. Miichie


    36! My IGN is Miichie.
  8. Miichie

    Porymon's Ultimate Trade Thread

    Is the rate 10:1 applied to non-leggies? Or does that also count for leggies too.?
  9. Miichie

    Giveaway Blue's Legendary Giveaway

    Congrats on hitting 200 million exp. That's a lot of hard work and dedication! My number is 24!
  10. Miichie

    Legendaries eurstin's trade shizzle

    Here are my offers. @eurstin My Dark Regice -> Your Dark Jirachi? My Metallic Latias (Mega), Shadow Jirachi, Shadow Mewtwo. Shiny Reshiram -> Your Metallic Rayquaza (Mega)?
  11. Miichie

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading these two. Looking for other variants of them or something of equal value.
  12. Miichie

    Giveaway Rotom giveaway

    IGN is Miichie. I choose the number 5!
  13. Unown (S)Unown (K)Unown (A)Unown (R)Shiny Unown (P)Shiny Unown (O)Shiny Unown (R)Shiny Unown (Y)

    1. porymon
    2. porymon


      What happened to dem greenbois tho? glare sad

  14. Miichie

    Contest Shiny Terrakion Giveaway

    Miichie is my ign. I'm guessing.... 85?
  15. Miichie

    Contest Metallic Legend Giveaway

    IGN is Miichie! Thanks for the giveaway and your generous heart. <3