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  1. Sorry for the confusion... i was looking for eevee or espeon... i was ready to trade my other eeveelutions... got an espeon through trade... thank u ppl for the responses
  2. Leafeon, Glaceon, Flareon, Jolteon for eevee Or Leafeon, Glaceon, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon for espeon
  3. Or find my darkrown in the trade page with my username tyrannolion
  4. Can u put it up for trade...
  5. Can u put it for trade?

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    2. tyrannolion


      I am from India and tried multiple time through multiple ways... the payment fails everytime

    3. tyrannolion


      Got one thank you



      vortex store is not available for indians.

  6. Own a darkrown for zeraora
  7. looking for a normal zeraora... no typings(shiny,dark,shadow,etc...)
  8. I m ready to trade my dark pikachu rockstar(860k exp) for only normal celesteela(any level)
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